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Got to school today and noticed a problem.

My front left tire had 3 very loose lug nuts.

the 4th seems to have sheared off and is now MIA[bawling]

So what can i do to replace this one because part of the stem to put that lug on also sheared with it apparently[V]

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Tighten down the remaining lugs, unless they're all stripped.

Check the lugs on your other wheels.

Figure out who last fooled with your lugs (rotated your tires, installed your tires etc.)

Bring it to them and ask them to fix the problem.

If they refuse, bring it somewhere where they WILL fix the problem and have them inspect the car for any more damage or problems.

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pound the old one out...

when you torque the new one down...tighten it so it pulls snug up the back of the hub, and you have to re-torque it in a few days to stretch it more and get it set.
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