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Hey guys, I'm in the Uconn car club and we are having our 12th annual car show. We are looking to get over 3000 cars in all classes and there will be awards! Should be a great time. Here are all the details. Feel free to ask away if you've need more. I'll also post the link to the facebook even page!

All the info is below (and all this, plus updates can be found on our facebook event page):

Sunday, April 12th, 2015 (Raindate: Sunday, April 19th).
__________________________________________________ _____

What you need to know:

Directly off of I-84; please use the Silver Lane entrance to the parking lots. See map below for details.

Gates open to all @ 9:00 am (Please do not show up earlier because the lot will NOT be open)
Registration for show cars closes @ 2:00 pm
Gates will remain open until the beginning of awarding Trophies
Trophies to be announced by 4:00 pm

$15 per car to park in show parking (no pre-registration required)
$5 per car for spectator parking in a separate parking lot.

Participation Policy:
Please keep cars and music turned off when parked. Burnouts, donuts, and excessive engine revving are strictly prohibited. Dangerous / risky driving while arriving or leaving the premises will likewise not be tolerated. East Hartford Police as well as State Police detail officers will be on-site for the duration of the event and will be ticketing.
Also, per request of local police and facility management, we must ask that all attending the event stay away from the chain-link fences between the event’s entrance/exit and spectator lot next to Silver Lane. Your cooperation is appreciated.
Participate at your own risk.

Like previous years, the size of Rentschler Field allows us to accommodate virtually any number of cars for showing. Nobody will be turned away before 4:00pm.

There will be no pre-registration. Due to the nature of Rentscher Field’s parking lots and the sheer volume of cars attending, we cannot guarantee parking with friends, clubs, groups, etc. If you want the best chance at parking together, make sure to arrive together. Please note that even this does NOT guarantee that we will be able to grant all parking requests due to the extreme volume of traffic anticipated.

Important: Spectator parking will be across in a separate lot outside of the lots for registered show cars. If you do not plan to register your car for showing, you will be asked to park in the spectator area. Police officers and club members will be available to direct you.

All Cars Welcome!
For those who have yet to see one of our shows, we tend to amass some of the greatest diversity of cars in one place. Anyone who has been to a previous show can attest that there's something for everyone, including Classics, Domestics, Imports, Euros and even Supercars. All makes, models and price ranges of vehicles are welcome.

Classes are listed below. There will be a 1st place and runner up for each category.

1980 and Newer:
Import FWD
Import RWD
Import AWD

Euro FWD
Euro RWD
Euro AWD

Domestic Muscle
Domestic Tuner

Truck/SUV Street
Off Road

Supercar/Exotic Sports Cars

2/3 Wheelers

Original / Factory
Hot Rod

Specialty Awards (As voted by UC3 and its members)
Best Sleeper
Best Club (Quality)
Club Participation (Attendance)
UC3 Choice

Note: Best Club Participation Club Award goes to the club with the most participating members. Best Club Award will be awarded to the club that UC3 deems to have the highest quality entrants in respect to the quality of the cars and the attitude of its members.

Other Mentionables:
- Again, because of our large venue, the number of participants will not be restricted.
- Please review the participation policy above if you haven’t already.
- Arrive with the people you want to park with for the best shot at being able to do so. There will not be any room to leave empty parking spaces open. (see pictures below for parking lots outside of the show that you can meet prior to arrival)
- Judging will be performed by the attendees and will begin at exactly 2 pm. Those who arrive past 2 pm will not be allowed to register for judging.
- We will have toilets available at the show as well as food vendors.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or vendor, please contact the club for further details by email at [email protected]. We will be able to send you further details on renting a space. If you intend on selling anything on-site, Certificates of Insurance will be required, so please keep this in mind. We must ask that all vendors respond before March 31st; please message us promptly if interested.

Participate at your own risk
Please forward any further questions or comments also to [email protected]

Thank you and we hope to see you there!

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Fantastic! Will be seeing you there, I'll be working the classification booth which will be right after the main gate!
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