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As we gather together with our Brothers today in celebration, let us never forget our Brothers who gave it all and now stand guard in Heaven waiting for us to join them. It is because of those Brothers that we can celebrate 237 years of kicking ass and defending this great Nation! Their resolve, their honor, courage and commitment, their devotion to duty and their selfless sacrifice are what allow us to be here to celebrate year after year. So when you're out there tonight, in between blacking out, pissing on the side of a building, purging for another round, you know, honoring those "other" fine Marine Corps traditions; please stop, grab your Brothers around you, take a moment of silence for our Fallen, then look at each other and be thankful for being blessed to be a part of a fraternal order like no other. Take pride in knowing that you are surrounded by men who would lay down their lives for you without hesitation.

Happy birthday, Marines! It is an honor and privilege to be counted amongst you!

Fall out and carry out the plan of the day!

Semper Fi!
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