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I have a 2002 Focus ZX3 Zetec with 152,500 miles. It's been a great car, but I have some issues with it. I have noticed that there is a leak with it again and I had it checked but the mechanic said his pressure test didn't show anything (but I saw the leak on the ground!). Now, I have these two OBD-II codes:

P0402 "Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Excessive Detected"
P0171 "System too Lean (Bank 1)"

Also, when my car is first started (engine still cold), the exhaust smells. I can't tell if it smells like rotten eggs or not, but I can sometimes smell a foul odor from it. My mom's 2001 Kia Optima does the same thing and also has a P0171 code which has the same meaning. Her car's getting replaced as the mechanic said it would not pass the California smog check, likely because of its catalytic converter. I'm worried I'll need to do the same with mine. Her repair estimate is $2,000 and I'll have to replace the car if it comes to a cost like that for my Focus.

On a related note, what kinds of future repairs am I looking at for this car? I had $1,000 in work done to it in the span of 2 months and that was fine for 4 months (4 tires, timing belt, water pump, thermostat+housing, and ball joint). I'm concerned that it's starting to cost me as much as a newer car would in payments. Am I looking at future expensive repairs?

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