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Tuxedo Black Focus Owners....

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I haven't had a black car since my 2005 Chrysler Crossfire Limited. I like this black so much better, but if you've ever owned a black vehicle, keeping it clean is a full time job. Add to the fact that it's the height of the hurricane season here in Florida, so it's raining every afternoon.

Other than some decent detailer, what do you guys do to help keep your black Focuses clean between washings or after it rains and you've driven through road spray (ughhhh)?
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I'm a firm believer in no shortcuts! (If you want swirl free paint, that is)

A dirty car is a dirty car. In between washings, are only more washings. Rant over. Seriously, if you're concerned about keeping your perfect black paint free from the all too common swirl marks (spider web scratches), there really isn't a quick fix. Especially with the extra road grime thrown on your car while driving in the rain. My suggestion is to get over the obsession of wiping your car with something everyday to keep it clean, and just give it a good slow hand washing, with suds, every week, or so.

Google "Two bucket method" of washing if you haven't already.
I agree with you 110%. That's my OCD'ness with cars. I need to get over it. But trust me, it's difficult. I do know the 2 bucket method and have used that for years now. I also avoid the brushes in automatic washes like the plague. I guess I'm obsessing more as I had my first brand new car (a Black 1995 Jetta VR6) ruined by love bugs here. I tried a bra on my Crossfire, but it rained and I waited a day too long and got the fog on my paint.

Short of spending $600 for the invisible bra like cover for the front of the car and the side view mirrors, I was looking for a less expensive method.

Wow, you're so right. I need to get over this..... [facepalm]
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