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I am a newer owner of a 2013 focus st. It has the stock turbo and some upgrades like mishimoto intercooler with hard pipes. Straight piped and etc. but my issue is a really small turbo leak. I noticed it about a week ago and it is maybe a drop or two after I drive every time. But my oil level has stayed up just fine so I know it’s very small. I changed the turbo oil feed line banjo bolt copper crush washers and it is dry now. But I noticed the next day after a drive to and from work still a small drop of oil. Then while investigating with my phone. I noticed a small puddle of oil on top of the mounted turbo between the turbo inlet and exhaust side. It looks to be a block of bolt is some sort. But I cleaned the oil out of it ran the car for 10 minutes and intermittently revd it. Noticed the oil filled the bolt up again.
I am wondering if this is a common leak and if I can just pull the plug and replace a rubber O ring or something. Thanks for the help guys. Pictures for reference.
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Okay update! I found that it is a little 4mm Allen bolt. Almost like a set screw. Not used to seeing these in turbos. I’m more familiar with turbo diesels. … I also confirmed it was coming from there. By cleaning it out really good and starting tue car up reving it a little and watching it very very slowly fill up and run off the back side by the oil feed line and coolant lines. Also seemed to produce when it was being revd up. Wife helped!
I couldn’t find a bolt to use with a rubber gasket on a short notice. So I lined the threads a little with some Red RTV. We shall see if it works. I will also let it cure the full 24 hours. Pictures of the block of screw and said port on turbo. I haven’t seen this on a lot of focus turbos either. If this doesn’t hold I’m going to get a propose cap and gasket.
Any suggestions will still help. Thanks!
Also I will note I got access the easiest from the top.
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