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As follow up to my initial review back in 2015 here....

My SVT ran for 3 years and close to 20k miles on Tom's tune. Recently I sold the car and expect it to run many more trouble free miles for the new owner. I didn't change much but normally ran a datalog once a year and had Tom take a look to make sure things were still good.

There really is not much to report. The car always ran well, MPGs were good and I never had to worry about the engine. For that piece of mind and confidence when turning the key on; Tom's price and lifetime tuning are no brainer.

Most negatives against Tom are from folks who have never used his service or have argued with him over the internet. I've been in the Focus community for over a decade; there is no one who has been more consistent than Tom. There is just no one involved with Focus platform that has more knowledge and experience than Tom.

Thanks for your service Tom [thumb]
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