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Tuning my 2008 1,6 focus

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pcm code: 7m51
2008 duratec 1.6 5door

is there a ready tuned file i can use to increase speed for my focus?

i downloaded my pcm data from elmconfig software and elm327 cable ,its a bin file how can i adjust the fuel and ignition , what software can i use to edit this bin file

my bin file
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Check this thread for some of your answers, and the contact info. for a Tuner who can get the info. on what's avail. for your car:

You can find out more in the meantime from the "stickies" at the top of this page, and the Focus Power section in the Vendors area.

I know of customers of his from Europe to China & Australia, good chance he can help or set you up with the right equipment for what you want to do.
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