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757-647-1127 Jacksonville florida
$220 with nimh battery and 2 amp charger.
$220 with 3s lipo and no charger
$280 with onyx 235 smart charger with 2 lipo balance boards, traxxas and deans connectors that charges and programs all lipo, nimh, nicad, and li-fe batteries. Capable of up to 10 amp charging.

Selling a Traxxas Mini EREVO VXL powered by the Vxl3m 380 brushless system. 1500mah 3s lipo that produces the car to more than 50mph and can make it do standing back flips. Brand new transmission, new extra screw set, aluminum hexes, and a wheelie bar installed. Uses a 2.4ghz TFS240 transmitter and receiver. Body is scuffed up but does its job for bashing around.
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