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Transmission fluid change in 2001 focus?

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So my focus is up to 150,000 KM now and from everything i've read i'm due for a fluid flush.

I called a place today to see how much it is, they said they don't do full transmission flushes because they don't have the machiene and only a service which is flushing most of the fluid and replacing the filter or something. He said this is around $80 CDN.

He gave me a number for a garage that does full transmission flushes, he quoted me $217.14 CDN for the flush.

What is the difference between a full flush and a service flush? which one do you think would be more appropriate to get at this time?

The man that quoted me for the full flush said it should be done every 40-50 thousand km, and i don't think it's ever been done before.

Thanks for your help!
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30,000 recommended interval here would translate to 50,000 km..

$80 for pan drop & filter change sounds very cheap. This is actually preferred by many, and particularly for a trans that hasn't had it's scheduled changes.

Doing that and having it done again at half the recommended mileage might be a good way to get the service schedule back on track.
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