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Hello fellow Ford owners.
I recently bought a 2014 Focus se
I had noticed the jerking and hesitation many people talk about. However on Sunday when I got out of work about 1 minute into my drive home I received a message saying TRANSMISSION FAULT SERVICE NOW. I parked the car, shut if off on again and light came on again. I needed to get home so I drove it easy about 7 miles or so. Before I reached home it started to jerk really hard, rpms getting high but car did not want to go anywhere. I parked it put it in reverse and it did not go backwards it was as if it was in neutral.

Dodge (dealer which I bought the car from) told me they ran the car and all was working fine. This was the morning after. No codes or anything. They did however send it to the nearby Ford dealership to check it out more. One day later they call me saying Ford only found a code. It needed an update to the computer for the transmission control module. I will pick up the car tomorrow. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? I do not want to keep a car that will keep giving me trouble. I bought it a month and a half ago with 40k miles.

Thoughts or comments would be appreciated
Thank you!!
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