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I couldn't find a thread that addressed connecting a trailer plug in a wagon so I decided to do a how-to myself. My wagon is a 2004 and I don't know if other years are different but use caution and common sense when adding wiring to your Focus.


green>>>>>>>>>>blue/red>>>>>>>>right turn/brake
yellow>>>>>>>>>>>blue>>>>>>>>>>left turn/brake
brown>>>>>>>>orange/white>>>>>>parking lights

Start by removing the screws from the trim around the window:

Lower the seat backs and pull on both ends of this trim to release the clips after removing the screws. The trim can then be placed out of the way.

Remove the trim along the side and bottom of the tailgate. It's held on by clips and should come away easily in warm weather:

After removing the trim, the side panel will pull away:

After the wiring connections are done:

Plug ground(white wire) on the factory ground bolt:

Completed wiring tucked neatly inside the access hole until needed:

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