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Trade mach headlights for cfm 67 throttle body

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FOR SALE CHEAP $250! Must go! Posting for a friend, looking to trade mach HID headlights for a CFM 67 throttle body for an SVT. pm him @ atalbot1994 or Adam Talbot through facebook. (

"the adjusters are all cemented in place, everything points in the right spot, but the passenger side hi beam is bit low ...
the passenger side has a small crack but has been patched and has not leaked for 5+ years. (my friend had the car for 4 years whereas i hav only owned it for 1.) brand new 5k HIDs brand new high beams. 1 broken clip on the pass side fender mount, all the others are fine and the only reason i'm getting rid of them is because i ordered st170's."
the eyelids are just plastidip:
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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