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I will try to be as detailed as possbile.

I have a 2000 Focus SE 5-speed 100% stock. The check engine light has been on for a long time so I had it scanned. The guy at the shop told me it meant that the TPS is off. Sometimes the car will almost die, or die when coming to a stop. Every once in a while the rpms will stick when shifting too.

I hope this sounds like a problem that deals with the throttle body. How can I fix this? Do I need a whole new TB, or just the sensor, and where can I get one for cheap?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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From what I've seen the idle will hunt/fluctuate if the Throttle Position Senor is bad. At idle it's supposed to send the same voltage back to the ECU which translates it and sends a signal to the Idle Air Control Motor. If/when the voltage differs the IACM fluctuates and the cars idle raises/lowers accordingly. And this will change every time the key is turned off/on.

Now if that is what your car is doing then it is a likely suspect, though not the only one. Best advice is to stop by a Advance Auto Parts, Checker Auto Parts or other parts store that can check the code for free. That way you have a starting point rather than aimlessly throwing parts on.
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