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At week six, topped off gas and added all gas pit in. Six receipts, one per week add up to 37.736 gallons of gas, and 1,298 miles driven from dealer after point of purchase.
So that gives me a calculated total average of 34.29 mpg for all driving done since bought car. [woot]
First portion of that I calculated I was getting about 33.3 mpg in week three. So my mpg total average has improved some, and the last three weeks is better. (so I would guesstimate the past three weeks have been in the 35mpg range. [woot][woot]
And I am a city person. most of my driving is around town, even if some is on the freeway.

10/22/2011 Added: update on total:
with 2,140 miles since took possession, and bought 61 gallons of gas that is a total of 35.1 average mpgs.
So my later mpgs are getting better..
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