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Many of you probably already know about it, but we have recently started on a new build for a long time customer/friend of the shop. Before I get to deep into the new build, I want to give you a little history of the car, It is as follows:

A few years ago, Jared brought it to us for us, in its stock form, to build a custom turbo kit on. We originally made 265whp on 12lbs on a 100% stock long block. After about a year of Jared driving it that way he decided he wanted to turn it up a little more and the outcome was the chart below, 340whp again with the same stock engine!:

He took it to the track a few times ran in the 12s with street tires, but realized he was going to need more. So we started working on a new engine for him and a new fuel system to supply it.

After the new motor was installed we then made 457whp and 450wtq with a Y2k Intake manifold and stock camshafts.

Jared then decided he wanted a different turbocharger (knew that he wanted more power and would need it sooner or later), so we started working on a new kit while keeping the old on on the car. He ordered a turbo custom speced by Comp turbo for him. They ended up sending two turbos, both of which where not worth more than there weight in scrap metal, and after returning them and loosing over $500 Jared decided to go back to the Garrett 3076 for a few more weeks.

With the 3076, Jay Racing Intake Manifold and Comp Stage 2 camshafts. Jared Finally Made into the 500whp club.

Shortly after we took it to the track, runs where not done on high boost but still some fast times:

Since the turbo kit was sold and it was time to go bigger, Jared ended up going back with Garrett and getting a 3582 w/ TiAL exhaust housing. It did everything that we expected it would do, allowing us to make 540whp std correction on less boost than before with the 3076:

SAE Correction:

Picture of the new turbo:

Current Specs on his car:

Supertech 8.7:1 pistons 85.5mm bore
Eagle Rods
Ford bearings
Cometic Head Gasket
ARP Main and Head studs
Custom Ported Head
Supertech Std. Size Back cut valves
Eibach valve springs
Comp stage 2 cams
AEM cam gears intake straight up exhaust -4 deg
Jay Racing intake manifold
2 Upper VF engine mounts
Custom Solid Dogbone
Top Speed Street turbo kit gt3582r w/ TiAL SS .63ar turbine housing
TiAL MVS 38mm wastegate
TiAL Q 50mm BOV
Custom 3" turbo back exhaust
return style fuel system with dual walboro 255lbh pumps in the stock tank
modified stock fuel rail
Siemens 83lb injectors
Aeromotive FPR 1:1 rise 50lb base fuel pressure
stock MTX-75 with 3.82 gear
Competition Clutch stage 5
Fidanza aluminum flywheel
Torsen atb diff
Eibach Pro System dampers and springs
Eibach 22mm front sway bar 24mm rear
Lakewood traction bars
Hawk HP plus brake pads (I think)
black 17x8 38et Wheels
245/40/17 Hankook Ventus evo v12
AEM wide band
AEM Tru Boost boost controller/gauge
Top Seed Performance SCT custom tune
Bride Low Max ridged w/ custom aluminum brackets
Sparco 3" 6 point harnesses
Top Speed Custom Chromoly Roll bar

More Pictures of the car, some present some from along the way:

Now that's it for the history I guess, I am sure there is stuff I have forgotten, but I am sure that is enough for now. In the next post I am going go into the new build.

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The new engine we are currently putting together for Jared consists of the following:
Zetec Block
JayRacing Billet Mains
Lightened and Balanced Crankshaft
CFM Billet Oil Pump
Custom Aluminum Connecting Rods
Custom Pistons
Ported SVT Head

The new turbo kit we have gone with is a little different than before and is as follows:
Top Speed Top Mount Turbo Manifold
Larger Top Speed Intercooler
3.5in Cold Side Charge Pipes
3.0in Hot Side Charge Pipes
TiAL Q Blow-Off Valve
TiAL MVR 44MM Wastegate
Garrett GT3582R
Top Speed 3.5in Stainless Downpipe
Top Speed 4.0in Aluminum Exhaust
Top Speed Race Intake Manifold with 80mm Mustang Throttle Body
Injector Dynamics ID1000 Fuel Injectors
Top Speed Dual Walbro Fuel Pump Assembly
Top Speed Large Bore Fuel Rail

Basically in the short term we are going to get the turbo kit installed on the same engine that is currently in the car, to get a baseline. Once we install the new engine we plan on upping the boost until we max out the current turbo or reach our goal. We are planning on either going to a custom hybrid turbo or a GT40 in the event that the 35 doesn't get us to our target. Currently we will be tuning the car on race gas, but will probably do some e85 testing.

BTW he is still keeping A/C and power-steering! [headbang]

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Here's the new exhaust, 4in aluminum. The exhaust ended up being only 15.4lbs w/ two mufflers!

The huge charge pipes back from the powdercoater:

Jared's new fuel rail, coated to match the TiAL blue wastegate and bov:

This is kinda a sneak peak of something we have been working on, pretty much mandatory for a top mount setup. This will be on the website soon. This one is Jared's though.


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i'm interested to see how far you can push the stock mains!

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this is bada$$ im definately subscribing

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I think everything looks great and see no reason you cannot reach your goal and wish you the best

I like a lot of the parts your making now

For those RPM you may want to think anout a dry sump as the oil holes in the crank start working as a pump at those RPM and starts reversing the oil flow

Good luck and I wish you the best !


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very nice. top mounts are awesome and i love the enormous charge piping.

you going with a twin scroll on the gt40 when you switch or staying the the band style exhaust housing.

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As far as I know there is only one fwd dry sump focus running around (besides drag cars), I'm running a dry sump on my zx2...get ready for a hefty bill on fittings and lines. I swear I have 30ft of oil lines in my engine bay now.

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Looks great. Good luck!
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