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2012 focus se sedan
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One of the best things you can do for your focus, I would highly recommend purchasing the sct x4 and custom tune from tom. I used to have a low speed shudder that would make the car lurch forward while shifting into 2nd, the dps6 dct is probabaly one of the most hated transmissions but tom seems to have figured it out as I no longer have any issues.

The whole power band is much more responsive, I used to have a issue merging in traffic where the transmission wouldn't downshift, even while flooring it, after toms tune it drops a gear and goes.

The car can easily keep up with other cars on the freeway now, I had a new style nissan maxima try to shake me but I kept up with him up to 130 on gps.

If you are looking into tunes on your focus don't just take my word for it there are a lot of other happy toms tune customers. Thank you tom for the quick responses and tune updates.

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