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I had asked Turbo Turtle these questions but i wanted your opinion.

i just got the roush turbo kit and i am thinking of changing the pipeing up and some other things. I just have a few questions over this before i do anything.

-Can i leave the IAT in the spot where the Roush wants it and move the maf without a problem?

-With running more boost and i just use the MAFia instead of going with a bigger blow threw?

-What piece will I need to attach the Synapse BOV on the pipe?

-Where did you run the oil catch can?

-how much boost can you run on 2.25 piping?

-where would i want the bov, before or after the maf?

-is it better to run a bigger a pipe before the turbo or the same size as the rest? if so, how much bigger should it be compared to the rest of the pipes?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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