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hi there,

today i took about 30 minutes and made my own switch to toggle my traction control completely off/ on. (yes this will 100% dissable your annoying tc)

*i would like to start off by saying that by doing this when the switch is off it will also dissable your abs as well because the tc and abs share the same fuse.

*i would only recomend doing this if you are decent with electronics and understand how a completed circuit operates

i am not able to post any pics because my FF account will not allow me to yet. but i will explain what i did the best i can.

*A few things you might need:
-a fuse holder
-2 pieces of wire a couple feet long (16aug-18aug will work fine)
-a smaller sized 2 way switch.
-wire splice connecters
-splice tool/plyers
(all of this can be found at walmart if your dont have it)

in short:

1. you want to take out the fuse (#46 in the passenger fuse box. i believe it is a 7.5 amp)

2. use each piece the wire and plug them into the each pin of where the fuse pluged in. *there are many ways to do this. i smashed up another fuse i had laying around and connected the wires to the teeth of it so the wires could plug in nicely.*

3. splice the fuse holder in the middle of either of the wires now coming out of fuse slot 46.

4. now connect the wires to the switch (depending on what specific switch you have you may have to ground it) and make sure the original 7.5 amp fuse is in the new fuse holder.

5. now go ahead and test the switch with the car running. when the switch is on there should be no difference but when it is off your abs light, t/c light, and brake light will turn on inside your gauge cluster.

6. to finish everything off just hide all of your wires and place the switch wherever you want. your can always use more or less wire to keep everything clean. i don't recommend any drilling or glueing in case you ever want to remove this. (it's nice to keep it clean yet temporary if necessary)

i went out and did a few small burnouts in the rain today and it worked great! the t/c and abs take a couple seconds to re-engage one you turn the switch back on but al ltogether it works very smoothly! :)
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