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To make 2.0 turbo check list

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hello every one i dont post often but i am trying to make my car turbo and soon ide love to have it done before x-mas, i am just looking for a simple check list of what i need to buy for a D.I.Y. kit, I have the turbo kit just dont have the other crit parts... please help... looking not to change my internals. and where can i get a proper tune.... thanks

if any one is local like in orlando fl please send me a message... ide love to get some more insight... thanks... shawn[cheers]
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best if your not too up on fabrication, the costs for you to have someone cut and weld a down pipe, and charge piping and all the little bits will out weigh.... USUAULLY.... a kit... so the kit is usually the best option unless you can make your own down pipe and charge piping and can get really good deals on stuff... then you gotta worry about tuning... CFM is near you, so im sure they could help, or FS or Maybe Focuspower can do an e-mail remote tune...

moving to FI for you though [thumb]
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