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Tire rotation question?

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I took my car in for maintenance today and was told we did not rotate your tires As your front tires have more tread than the rear. Is this possible, I would think the front get more wear than the rear. Am I missing something?
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The point of rotating tires is to even out the wear from running in different positions.

Someone Assumed your tires were rotated elsewhere based on their GUESS at the wear pattern.

If you took it in for the service, and didn't tell them NOT to do it as it had already been done - I'd expect them to do what you'd dropped it off for.

Umm, your oil looked good so we didn't change it. Tires looked good so we didn't check the pressure. Car looks clean, so the air filter doesn't need to be checked.

The Bald guy doesn't need clipping up top, so we didn't give him a haircut.

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