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Do you think a Spi focus should be in a Time Attack?

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Time Attack Car?

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I have read alot bout time attacks and i was wondering do you think it would be possible to run a spi focus? I mean the got a prius run in why not right?[???:)]
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You mean Bracket racing?

Time attack is that point to point with in a certian time on video games, basicly Autocrossing but no cones and its usually illegal b/c its done on the roads.

Any car is fine for bracket racing, its not the fastest but who can get the same number more that wins. A auto tranny is perfect for it too.

· Capt. Urn
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depends on the type of racing, track etc.

if your on a high speed track with few sharpe corners, top speed is probalby more important (though you still need to handle well) but if the track is a mess of hairpins, etc, then a great handling care may beat a car that is technically faster.

as it was said above, sometimes it is not necisarily the car that wins the race, but the driver. but then again, even the best driver probably cant beat a corvette in a chevette....

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Over here in my neck of the woods we have a hill climb which is time attack point a to b and its completely legal. The only thing is, it's $150 insurance coverage for sign up and in case you crash. There is all sorts of cars, such as porsches, ferraris lambos, neon srt4s, and last year there was one SPI, most cars ran about 5-6 min. on a 4 mile steep windy road. the only SPI that was all bone stock ran the hill at a little over 10 minutes. not too shabby this year will be a lot better times.
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