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throwout bearing noise?

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Hi all from Ga.: I have cherry 03 SVT Focus, with a little over 18k miles on it, which I bought new. I however have the dreaded throwout bearing noise. It shifts fine etc., but the rattling at idle, when not in gear, without clutch pedal depressed is annoying. Is there any chance Ford will still take care of this?? Will it do any to keep driving it as is? I'm an old motorhead, take care of my vehicles, but not sure which way to go with this. Any advice would be appreciated! (PS, I am aware of the TSB, but I'm sure it expired. regards, A. Smith in Ga.[thankyou]
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Doubtful the dealer will take care of this especially if it's an 03. Of course depends on what type of warranty you have. Mine has been doing it for a while and haven't had any problems.
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