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Hi everyone. I'm thinking of selling my 2012 Focus SE. I have been a member here since I got the car but have not posted very much. I know the manual is rare and sought after by some, especially with the problems with some of the automatics. I love this car but it's not getting many miles these days. It was on the showroom floor and was the first new car I had ever bought. It's not for sale yet but am preparing and have some questions and kind of just want to get it out there on here first so she'll go to a good home. My main question is, what kind of premium should the manual transmission bring? It also has other options that make this a fun, sweet little car that will need a good home. I'll list some info. Any help would be greatly appreciated. KBB says $5,500 - $7,500 private sale. I'm thinking of asking for the topside of that range. Does this seem high? Low? I think it's worth more really, but the market will dictate. Anyway. Thanks and if this is in the wrong spot I apologize. Let me reiterate that the car is not for sale. I am asking questions in hopes to be better prepared to sell it and not get ripped off. This is not a for sale post.

2012 Focus SE Hatchback
93,000 miles, Clean title
Sterling Gray Metallic
5 speed manual transmission
SE Sport Package with 4-wheel disc brakes
Black and red leather interior
SYNC, tinted windows, etc.
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