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Thermastat Questions?!?!?

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ok i just installed all new OEM thermastat housing with new everything and put the thermastat in the right area with the whole ontop like your suppose to. now heres the kicker im having the needle in the isnt getting to center. its staying on the cold side like hanging above the white box thingy by a hair and it stays like that all the time while i drive home for (20mins) plenty of time get to proper temp. Also i do have the coolant level when cold a little above max. so if any one can help me on this or point me an a direction that would be very thankful.
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well i know the thermastat is a 195 and new. do u think i could have a bad pressure cap?
lol ya im sure i have it the right way. not my first time with putting one on a car im thinking it could be the rad-cap. it stays at a quarter not half and when i get on it on the highway it rises but when i go back to idle after wards it goes back down to quarter and not half/center.
well today i did a experiment and my dad left his svtf home today and i swapped his radcap with mine and drove my car around today and it went up to normal temp after 10mins of driving :):):):):). so i just ordered my new radcap from rockauto and should be here in a few days. thank god for family that have the same car as you do lol. but ya im going to check the CTS tonight and the fans are working just fine. so ill post back if the new rad cap and if that fully fixes the problem.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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