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The Who's Who of Focus Autocrossers

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I started this thread to find out more about the folks on this forum who are competing in autocross. I know we have everyone from beginners to a few class champions.

I thought it would be cool to see just how many autocrossers we have and follow everyone's progress through the 2006 season. So tell us a bit about your car, what class and region you're running in and how your season is going. Feel free to come back to your post throughout the year and give us some updates.

I'll start this off...

Car: 03 Focus SVT
Mods: See sig.
Class: STS
Region: SCCA #7 Chicago

My first event was missed due to my oldest son putting the Focus into a ditch 2 days before. The car has been fixed and a few suspension pieces have been upgraded. Event #2 is this Sunday and will be my first time out with the Focus. (I've been running a Mustang the last couple of seasons).
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car: 03 ZX3....slightly modded[}:)]
mods:see profile ( they're getting a little lengthy)
class: SM
region: scca montana region 105 ( Great falls)[driving]
first race of the season ( 4/9) i finished 2nd. in sm & wasn't too far from a pesky prelude SH!![whip] I WILL catch him one of these days b4 the season is over[;)] [hatchet] [rofl]
what better way to spend your weekend!!!

what do ya know , i caught him this weekend 5-29-06 1st. in sm. someone didn't have their R compounds this time out[;)] lol most everything felt smoother this weekend!
car:Ford Focus LX(WITH SPI BITCHS[:p]
mods:sri+svt kit

region:great lakes/Lake superior
first race 4.23, have no clue what place i came in , but my best time was 1:06 and fastest time was the EVO with 57 seconds, and i also was 1 second slower then the focus ST, and beat a v8 mustang by 1 sec[hihi]
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD TIMES i tell ya next one is sunday, not t sure if ima run, anyone know if its good to autoX on new tires, ill be getting mine tommorow and only have til sunday?!? let me know plz
Car: 2004 SVT Focus
Mods: No engine
Class: SM
Region: San Francisco

First race was a Slush Series event in November of 2004. Only mod was a Short-Throw, took 2nd place in STS-Novice for the whole Slush Series that season.
Car: 04 SVT Focus
Mods: ITG-Pro Drop In air filter, VF Rear Mount, FRPP-STS.
(New tires and dampers coming soon)
Class: STS
Region: Montana Region 105 (Great Falls)

2004 season:
1st in class / 10th overall in Region 105
2005 season:
1st in class / 4th overall in Region 105
Car: 2000 ZX3
Mods: Listed in my sig, but wheels and tires coming soon
Region: Northwest haven't done SCCA yet but I have done local BSCC events
Car: 2002 SVT Focus
Mods: Now very worn Falken Azenis RT-615s, K&N drop in filter
Class: G Stock
Region: Des Moines Valley Region

2004 - 2nd in Class
2005 - Class Champion
2006 - Current points leader
2007 - Worldwide Domination bid
2007.5 - Realize I still can't beat the Minis and move to a different class
Car: 2003 ZX3 2.3l
Class: SM
Region: non-SCCA, VMSC club, Richmond, VA
Mods: Gaz coilovers, Progress rear sway bar, Prothane front control arm bushings, Hankook Ventus R-S2, CAI, BSD, Quaife, Steeda STS, rear motor mount, 2.5" Tru-bendz exhaust, 4-point rollbar, 6-point G-Force harnesses, rear disc conversion, Carbotech XP-8 pads for road courses (and once its assembled: Eagle rods, 11.6:1 pistons, Crane stage II cams, Crane valve springs, 3-angle valve job, Cosworth header, ported intake manifold, Spec flywheel, Clutch Masters clutch)
Car: 2003 Focus SVT
Mods: lighter OZ wheels on MXs, STS, VF Mount, and H&R 24mm Rear Sway bar
Class: STS
Region: Oklahoma City SCCA, North East Oklahoma SCCA, and PCA

I ran G stock last year for three events I believe. I moved into STS once the 2006 season started. So far I am in first place for season points, but I'm only there due to consistent attendance. I'm slowly trying to catch the first place driver. I've dropped the gap from about 2-3 seconds down to 1.5-2 seconds. I hope to take first out of consistency, but more importantly, I would like the honor of eventually beating the first place STS driver out of skill for one event (that would make me happier than getting first for the season).
Car: 05 Focus ST
Mods: See sig.
Class: STS
Region: Running in local MAC (Minnesota Autosports Club) in the Twin City's area.

I've just started and am having a blast. I have completted a Novice class and have attended my first event last weekend. I ran in SI and placed 22/42. I am already signed up for the next event MOWOG #3 and am switching to STS. I'm hooked and hope I can do this for years to come!
Car :05 ST
Mods: exhaust
Class : HS
Region : Western New York

Gonna have to cut back due to a recent job change though.
Car: 01 Focus ZX3T
Mods: Stock ZX3 Motor, Tom Full Turbo Kit, FC Cam Gears, TruBendz 2.5" SS Flexpipe, 2.5" AEM SS Cat-back, SVT Rear Disc Brake Kit, Front StrutBar, KYB AGX Adj. Shocks, Tein Lowering Springs, J&S SafeGuard, MSD Coil Pack with 9MM Ford Racing Spark Plugs,Stock Clutch, Stock Sway Bars.
Class: SM
Region: Blue Ridge Region SCCA (Virginia)
My Site:

Last race placed 7th out of 11th in SM Category and placed 32 of 92 overall.

My major competitor are:
1. EVO - Modded 300hp to the wheels - 1 Driver
2. Corvair - Modded ??HP.. - 2 Drivers
3. Datsun 510 - Modded with Nissan 240SX Motor - 200HP - 3 Drivers
4. 99 Mustang Cobra Convertible - He must got good because last year i was beating this mustang don't know what happend. - 1 Driver
5. Toyota Cellica All Trac - This guy is not in our region but when he shows i'll be beating him until his last run will pull a miracle run and magically will beat me... But didn't realize until last race it was an alltrac cellica... - 1 Driver

Next Mods: Quaife

On order: CM4 ,Fidenza Flywheel

Conclusion: I has to get Driving lesson to beat this guys,, i know i have the HP to do it,, i guess i can't drive for #$^$&
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Deleware Valley SCCA
I think STS or STSx someone help with that??

going to be doing first autox next month!!

mods include STS, AEM CAI, Prothane Rear bushings and endlinks, Toms Tune, 16in focus wheels..steeda upper strut bar, R/T high flow cat. VF Rear Mount
Check your rulebook, but I think the high-flow cat puts you into STX (Street Touring Extreme). What's a Tom's Tune?

To all you noobs, here's an awesome at-a-glance classing chart:
SCCA Self-Classing Chart

Of course, the best thing to do is get a general idea and then ask a technical inspector for help BEFORE THE EVENT.
modified Volant intake, Steeda STS, HIA tune, and new tires once they get here...
I'll be running STS once they arrive.

March 12th - 5th of 9 in Novice by PAX, 59th of 82 in Raw
March 19th - 45 of 76 by raw, 37 of 76 by pax, 4th of 24 in novice by pax - would have placed 4th in STS by raw also...
Car: 01 Focus ZX3
Mods: Brembo Max, Ferodo DS2500, H&R Coilovers, gutted, ATE super Blue, Nitto NT-01 205/40/17, air filter and open exaust with Supertrapp
Class: There is none, run what you brung. Corvette, Porsche, Audi S4, Opel with turbo motor, etc
Region: Germany

2006: ?
2005: 1st Drivers points
2004: 3rd Drivers
2003: In Iraq
2002: 2nd Drivers points
Car: 05 Focus ZX4
Mods: None, hopefully will get good tires soon
Class: H-Stock
Region: Northwest Ohio(
Placed 1st in 2nd event of year, didn't make it to the first
Car: 2003 ZX5
Mods: See Sig
Class: SM
Region: Rio Grande (

First race: Finished 3rd STS-Novice. I'm still just a weekend warrior. I'm not really there to compete. I'm just there to have a good time, hang out with good people, and see some pretty cool cars shred tires. My fiancee (wife in 4 weeks) drives my car also. Check out some picks in my gallery of her tri-podding the car.
Car: 2004 Focus SVT
Mods: KONI (front), KYB AGX (back), Kumho V700 225/45/17 on stock 04 wheels, K&N filter
Class: GS
Region: Oklahoma Region SCCA

2005: 2nd Place GS (only mod was KONI's for last half of season)
2006: 1st Place GS (so far)

I have run in 3 of the 4 events in OKC this year, two 1st place and one 3rd (LOTS of cones). I had trouble on my second event learning the limits of the V700's. Unlike street tires, they give no audible warning before breaking loose, and I was running my KYB's in back way too stiff and getting max oversteer. I have it under control now, just need to put the lessons I learned in EVO school to use on EVERY run. I messed up when I ordered my wheels for this year and they were out of spec in backspace so my V700's are on my stock SVT wheels and my "race" EXCEL F-1's are on my street tires. Ah well... looks good every day now :) Going to get Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2's for next year (I had them planned for this year but went with the cheaper EXEL's... doh!) GS class usually runs 4-5 competitors but only 1 other (MiniS) wears R-Comps and won the event where I went Cone Hunting. This year my best finish in PAX is 17th of 112 and 42 of 112 overall.
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car: 04 zx3
mods: only cosmetic, and Yoko Advan A032
class :HS
region: CACC in British Colombia, Canada

we had a slush series over the winter, one event actually did have snow. I took first place in my class and the overall PAX win. Also, check it out I'm in a magazine.
This year i hope to repeat, Im gonna pick up some Kuhmo V 710s, my competitors got them so i gotta keep up.
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