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Good morning everyone. I would like to introduce myself and give a little bit of warning. I DO NOT have a Focus, but rather I own a Focus powered Ford. It is a 2010 Ford Transit Connect, and I joined this community to get a better understanding and knowledge of the engine platform. I already am a member of the Transit groups, both stateside and abroad, but the level of modifications I have done well surpasses their knowledge base. This build has been going on for three years now, and is not stopping. It is a true show car with high levels of detail and work that have gone into it.

The main concern I am at right now is with performance modifications. I currently have the following:

FSWerks CAI with green filter
FSWerks exhaust header
No cat
FSWerks street exhaust into true dual outlets
Innovate motor sports engine monitoring wide band , pressure and temp.

I have recently purchased the following:

Cosworth Intake Manifold
Massive EGR delete
ZEX Wet Nitrous system with 55 shot along with dual purge kit
Steeda throttle body spacer
Innovate motor sports PSN-1 Nitrous management

FSWerks is implementing a tune for this setup on 93 octane with pop tune
FSWerks is selling me an SCTX4 that is confirmed to work with my ECU code

This is a show vehicle and rarely driven. I am okay with the ramifications of performance as a trade-off for engine bay appeal

I can no questions asked get everything to work correctly. I know with a 2.0 Duratec, the power steering pump either needs to be relocated OR I can use an earlier model unit for a 2001-2005 Focus. This is what I plan on doing. However, I noticed that the pulley part numbers are different and the pulley also is different. Which one do you think I should go with? Both are cheap but no need to buy two if either one will work.

Anyone who has knowledge of the Cosi on a 2.0 Duratec, could you please chime in with experience?

Nitrous. I am new to this, but not new to this. I have never ran it, but I know how to operate it, and the Innovate management makes it fool proof almost.

I went all motor due to having an automatic transmission. It is the only thing I hate and when it goes, I plan on doing the manual swap, but then again I know three are issues when going this route. Its a basic bolt on system, but my understanding is that the ECU goes into limp mode because of some electrical issue because there is one additional wire on the auto trans harness that the manual trans harness has. I will eventually come to this hurdle.

What I am looking for is experience and knowledge when it comes to this motor. A full build list is as follows below:

2010 Ford Transit XLT – “Slamsit” Build Sheet

1. Custom FSWerks cold air intake with Cool-Flo green filter
2. Custom FSWerks cat-less header wrapped with blue heat wrap
3. Custom dual exit FSWerks street exhaust with dual rolled polished 4” tips
4. Custom SCTX4 / FSWerks PCM flash for 93 octane including pop tune
5. Massive Speed System under drive water pump light pulley system
6. Custom adapted Euro-spec Focus ST-225 big brake kit
7. Alcon 320mm big brake kit front rotors with Mintex performance brake pads
8. Custom stainless steel brake lines
9. FSWerks engine cover
10. VF Engineering Passenger, Driver and Dogbone engine mounts
11. Steeda throttle body spacers
12. Massive Speed System EGR delete
13. ZEX Nitrous wet kit with PSN-1 engine management (55 shot)

1. Euro-spec MYC GAZ front adjustable coil-overs with FSWerks camber adjustment
2. Flipped rear axle with GAZ shortened adjustable shocks and adjustable leaf spring shackles
3. AirLift 1000 rear axle helper airbags with onboard air compressor
4. Adjustable rear sway bar links
5. Massive front adjustable end links
6. FSWerks strut tower brace in blue
7. FSWerks lower sub frame brace in black

Exterior Lighting:
1. Custom retrofit headlamps with Morimoto Gatling LED DRL, sequential LED turn signal, Bi-Xenon projector with gatling shroud.
2. Custom retrofit lower 4” dual function LED fog lamps (Fog & DRL)
3. Custom fit LED dual function smoked front signal indicators
4. Custom fit LED single function smoked rear marker indicators
5. OPT7 Aura under body LED lighting
6. Euro-spec tail lamps with converted harness to tie into US spec wiring. All bulbs are LED with CANBUS resistors and brake lamp has flash mode operational.
7. 18” x 8” Black centers with polished stepped lips BBS RS rep wheels
8. Stretched 215/35ZR-18 Sumitomo HTR Z III XL on all four corners
9. Black anodized tuner spike valve stems

Exterior Styling:
1. Front bumper has custom fitted lower apron with matching custom fitted corner splitters
2. Euro-spec license plate holder with GB license plate dubbed “SLAMSIT”
3. Custom adapted BMW M3 side skirts with rear winglets
4. UK Spec shortly electric and heated dual function side mirrors
5. Vent shade auto vent visors
6. Custom fitted 3” EZ-Lip mounted to rear bumper with dual cutout for exhaust
7. Rear bumper canards with custom brackets to mount to body
8. 57” real carbon fiber adjustable wing with low profile custom body mounts
9. 3M carbon fiber DiNoc roof wrap
10. 3M carbon fiber DiNoc hood wrap
11. Custom integrated Euro-spec Focus RS hood vents with custom drip tray
12. 3M gloss black faux side and rear windows
13. LED license plate lights
14. Carbon fiber rear license plate trim
15. Rear view camera
16. Professional satin Balloon White dip paint job done by H20Wraps

Interior Styling:
1. Euro spec carpeted dash mat
2. Custom molded fiberglass a-pillars with 4” Pioneer speakers wrapped with grey suede
3. Upper cargo bin wired with OPT7 Auro Pro LED lighting
4. Dash cam mirror and digital screen with reverse camera functional
5. Custom wrapped steering wheel with carbon fiber accents
6. Custom column mounted dual gauge pod with Innovate Motorsports A/F wideband gauge and Oil Pressure / Temp display
7. Pioneer Avic double din screen with wireless phone mirroring to head unit and TV mounted in cargo area
8. Pioneer 5.25” speakers in door cards
9. Custom adapted Ford Fusion shifter with functional OD button
10. Custom molded AirLift Performance PSI gauge, momentary fill and purge mounted in lower center console
11. Pro-Clip cell phone mount with magnetic super charge phone case holder
12. Custom mounted Euro spec arm rest
13. Brand new great headliner
14. Custom floor mats with rally step plate
15. Custom Ford ST stainless dead pedal with rubber isolators
16. Custom Ford ST stainless brake and accelerator pedals with rubber isolators
17. OPT7 Auro Pro LED foot well LED lighting
18. Dual 8” Pioneer dual voice coil 2 OHM shallow mount subwoofers in ported box behind seats
19. Sliding doors with custom carpeted wall liners
20. Inner quarter panels fitted with Master Rack wall panels
21. Rear doors with custom carpeted wall liners
22. Pioneer 6” x 9” mounted in rear doors
23. Pioneer 6” x 9” mounted in upper left and right cargo roof line
24. Custom fitted to interior floor lined Universal Bed Rug
25. Rear door entry lined with grip tape
26. Driver side rear quarter panel cargo area built in carpeted panel with mounted Pioneer 5 channel amp, Wagan Slimline 1500 watt power inverter and Samsung 32” LED TV with swing out TV mount
27. OPT7 Auro Pro LED backlighting behind driver side wall mount panel
28. Passenger side rear quarter panel cargo area built in carpeted panel with Adams Polishes display rack for car show detailing necessities
29. OPT7 Auro Pro LED backlighting behind passenger side wall mount panel
30. Viper remote start and keyless entry
31. Ford Focus ST Recaro seat swap

The goal here is to get the best knowledge from everyone in this forum to aid in the build. I really want to dyno this thing and make the circuit out at Carlisle this year for the Ford Nationals. Any input is greatly appreciated.


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Nice. That being said, a 2.5l fusion swap would be better.

2006 ZX3 2.0, 2006 ZX5 2.0, 2004 ZX3 SVT
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The transmission is plenty strong and the 2.5 is a direct bolt in with few modifications necessary.

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The transmission is plenty strong and the 2.5 is a direct bolt in with few modifications necessary.
The auto transmission that I have is know to implode with anything above 190 horsepower. I have a Ford Transit Connect. I would eventually swap in a manual. Are you saying that a 2.5 motor can work with a manual transmission from a focus?

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I haven't even posted engine bay pictures or interior work here lol. Can't wait to finish everything up.
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