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That looks awesome. I really like the "Ford Racing" official logo anywhere I see it. The font is so sweeeeet.

And like the others said, where did you get them, and how much coin are we talking?

2 More questions...

Will they work on my 2006 zx3 SE? And does anyone know if there is a way to change the color of the readout of the odometer to match?

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1. best way is to drop the panel under the driver side dash( with the cd holder)

2. under the switch for the lights there is one more screw, take it out

3. behind the steering wheel is that plastic cover pop it off and almost done

4. the casing around the cluster just pops off

5. 4 screws holding the cluster in, take those out and then on the back is a set of wires that you kinda flip the lock up and it slides out

6. like my ford focus says, go to a clean area to work

7. take off only the top part that has the bezel on it.

8. this is the tricky part, make a mark were the needles line up from when you pulled them out from the car, then line the needles straight up and pop them off. use your fingers it hurts alittle but dont use a freaken fork!

9. the speedhut guages i have were a layover and has a color dimmer you install somewhere else, so from there i just layed the face over the existing face and put the needles back on so the would turn back to the dot without spinning around, this is the hardest part of the whole thing

10. put the cluster back together and go back to the car.

11. like i said the speedhut guages had the dimmer so i had the dimer cable comming off the guages going threw one of the wholes under the cluster spot.

12. the dimmer has a positive and negative wire so i put the negative down under the driver side dash on the fuse box screws, the positive i got a test light and turned the lights on the first setting and tapped into the first yellow wire ( also one of the biggest) on the right side. yours might be different, i have not idea why but it just might.

13. then i mounted the dimmer in the cd holder spot and done

14. reinstall everything cluster first and then the shell that goes around it and then the bottom panel that holds cd tray.

done, if i had pics i would of posted them, but my camera phone dont take very good pics at 10 pm at night lol

the guages i got on ebay for 45+ shipping, i really like the guages and how the needles turned out red when there usually a wiered orange

and if you look closely

it says focus racing lol i thought it said ford also...... if someone does this, make a better right up than this cause the put to much damn work involved, it should take 45 minutes tops, i could redo it in 20-30 mins

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madmark10 said:
i didnt notice that wire on the cluster last night but its the trunk button, so its back under the shell again
don't worry, I had to re-do mine like 10 times to realign the needle.
I suppose It really is worth the effort to install new gauges... It was one of the first mods I did to my car.

It will only be worth the effort if you don't scratch the lenses... so lay down a towel over your steering column, and move the cluster/bezel around carefully.
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