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Well, My GF was driving the Focus yesterday, and was hit by a 2007 Chevy Silverado Z71, His p/s bumper to Her d/s fender roughly 90 degree angle. She was stopped, He was doing well over the posted speed limit of 30mph. Anyway, I have been on Here for just a hair under a Year, and kinda planned on doing an update thread as to what little I have done in this last short year. Sadly, these pics now include carnage. But now that I know so much more about this fantastic little car with many thanks to all of You on, I will be back soon enough with an ST stuck to My a$$.

Anyway, Here's Day One:

Enter the Fart can,lol


Tails, corners, grille and crappy Ebay projectors(well, the lenses are crap anyway)

My SRI, pre-K&N

@ TX Focus Round Up 08


Dropped 1.5" Roush dampers and H&R sport springs

SVT grille

Post K&N, surrounded by smurf guts...

@ TX Focus Round Up 09

ST170's wheels and tires

Thursday 6/18/09, new rear drums and rear mud flaps.

Today, at My friends lot, one day after the wreck.

I lucked out, though.All four wheels and tires were missed by an inch or two.

That's about it. No more pics from Me 'til I get a new Focus.

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^^ Holy crap here come the vultures!!! lol

Glad your girly-friend is safe. And your wheels. Those are pretty badass.

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he is lucky that could have been worse is that were the drivers door. GL with getting everything worked out!
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