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crap out on me... lol!

This Saturday was unbe-f..,ing-lievably hot... upwards of 90 degrees. And normally I barely sweat. But today, I was sweating more than my soda was... So I went for the AC. put it on the fastest speed (4). I had my window down, blasting music, and even over the loud music I could tell there was something amiss. I felt no wind in my face or on my legs from the HVAC. So I turned the music off and there's absolutely nothing coming out of the HVAC.

So I get home, tell my dad, and he says to check the fuses. I do, and the HVAC wind fuse is blown. So I go and buy some fuses. I put the new fuse in in the parking lot, and as soon as I started the car again, the fuse blew... something's definitely not right, and I can't figure out what.

What could be causing this? Maybe a power surge that puts too much power through the fuses? Water in the HVAC system? I doubt the former is the cause, as all the other fuses tested fine.

So today, I've gone through two fuses. The car has mostly been sitting in the driveway because I haven't been at work in two months (Long story...).

Any advice for a driver with a short fuse (lol...)?
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