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I had an idea for this. Why don't we add some biography posts with like a synopsis and shot of each car and some details on the owner? It could be almost official. [hihi]

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Well Since I'm # 1 I'll start it.

My names Jonathan (most call me Jon, Jonny, I'll even answer to "hey you")

I first started off with a 00 LX SPI, mods were simple and it was slow but I called it my own.

The first gump meet was a SMALL meet that started with Danny and I on a friday night at the official Hampton hotel in montgomery we drank and talked. I now own a 06 Sonic blue ZX3 with mild mods, if you have any questions about me I'll be glad to answer them.


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Dcl2049's (Dan's) 02 Malibu Blue ZX3 auto

Engine: Autozone intake, Focus Central throttle body, Borla 2.5" catback, Ford Racing plug wires

Transmission: Lentech Automatics valve body

Suspension: Koni Sport Kit (Yellows plus Koni springs)

Wheels and Tires: 17" BBS RZ wrapped in 215/40 Falken Azenis RT-615

Exterior: Wings West W-typ lip kit and Hella tails

Car was bought used in Jan 05 and has since been turned into the world's slowest auto-x Focus, but I won't let it come in last place. [;)]
It's higher maintenance than Paris Hilton but I love it anyway.

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It's higher maintenance than Paris Hilton but I love it anyway.
Lmao Dan. I'm going to make that my new signature later...

Svtzx555 (Eric) 2003 SVT Focus zx5. Bought new in middle of 04.

Then came along the zx3 for gas mileage and so I could keep the miles off my baby. Sold the SVT in Feb of 06 I think...I was spending about $900 a month to drive it.

Mods to the SVT included, AEM cold air intake, FC short shifter, clutch pedal sensor mod, 2.5" MBRP catback exhaust, drilled/slotted front and rear rotors, red SVT emblems in front grill and rear hatch and FC 2 pc. underdrive pullies.

In December of 06 I bought a Focus ST used with only 7k miles. Mods include DIY short ram intake, Eibach Pro-kit springs, rear camber adustment kit, BS delete, Autometer oil pressure and volt gauges on the drivers pillar, Sylvania headlights, clear corner turn signals, painted front and rear calipers Ford Red and 225/45/17 BFG G-force sport KDW2s. Sadly this is the only pic of the car in its current state.

Jon was the first member I met and we hit it off pretty well. Then on to the first meet only a few months later in non other than Montgomery where me and Jess met the loves of our lives...Jeremy and Mary....Slocussvt and his gf. Met others along the way and haven't regretted a moment of it since. I'll update with better pics of the ST later.

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Well..I guess I can chime in with mine.

I had a guy that owed me some money on some drugs that I brought over in a balloon in my stomach... yes i did have to poop them out but they were still good.. he owed me some money so we wound up trading cars.. i needed something a little less noticable to the cops.

muhuwahaha. jk!

I needed a new car.. currently had a 99' Cavalier, the green machine that wouldnt die!

So I went to the dealer.. found this one calling my name. I was already familiar with the "SVT" family and knew it was the right choice! I didnt know how to drive a manual. My mom actually had to test drive it for me before we made the final decision. I practiced for 2 days, and drove it home the second... an hour away back to where I was living at the time.

This is the first day home:

And what it looks like now....

I have changed a few things on it.. nothing major at this point.

Steeda Intake
Smoke Side Markers
LED Halo Projectors..thanks Evan!
Euro Grille
Scoop..there when I got it.
215/45/17 General Exclaim UHP's
Tinted tails... yes that it TINT NOT nightshade
Custom Hatch Cover done by myself!
LED Dash Kit

and I think thats it?

Anyways... its been the joy of my life right now, it has brought out my true passion and led me to meet some of the greatest people imaginable. I am grateful that I fell into the focus world...

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WUGcatsvt (Daniel)
I love my car. I used to hate Focus but ever since I drove my SVT I feel in love.
Im the Non Drinker of the gumpcrew. But I feel that I am still awesome. =)

Mods are: Look at my profile cause there are to many to name..

BTW: It is my belief that the gumpcrew is the crew with the best looking Focus. ;)

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Casper the Friendly Focus

Zx3Rican69 (Luis)

I got my Focus in March of 2007 after blowing my transmission in my Corolla S. Bone Stock when I got her 7miles BRAND NEW! Never drove a 5speed but when I got behind the wheel it came to me drove from my work (where my dad met me with the fofo) home first try :-D My brother in law *DaSilverzxthree* and Jeremy *slocussvt* had me spend over 3000 dollars in 2 months on her in about March of 2008 and I could not stop modding. Went to a few GumpCrew meets had a blast *ashame I have YET to party cause of work*. The car has come SUCH a long way! enjoy the pics! And yes...GumpCrew does have the best looking FOFO on the EAST SIDE!




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Even though i'm not a gumper, i'm going to chime in because im twice the gangster[gunfire] you girls are.

I do not qwn the car, the car pwns me.

The owner hails from the great white north. Where Jack Roush makes the cars so bad ass.
I bought the car brand new after blowing up my V8SHO in 2004. It has been stock except for audio for 4 years till I met up with you guys and started modding it a little more. Now it's the badest black sedan in the group.



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BTW: It is my belief that the gumpcrew is the crew with the best looking Focus. ;)
I think the Mid-Atlantic could take the gump crew up on that even though it would be a good battle as both have a good amount of nice foci.

Sorry to thread jack but I just wanted to say nice cars guys [thumb]

I'll be lurking a bit more in here over the next year or so as I am looking at property in the Asheville, NC area, but alas not much brewing out there so I guess gump is where I'll have to hang. I'm not too much of a yank but I do live below the mason dixon (only by 10 miles LOL) so it's all good [ffrocks]

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Name: Jeremy aka Slocussvt

What i drive: 2002 Sonic Blue SVT ZX3 and 2000 Pitch Black ZX3

When i first got it (well first one i have, need to scan the one from the day i got it)

Deer accident

First got it back from the bodyshop


-HIA short ram intake
-Screamin' Demon coil pack and Live Wires
-Magnaflow catback w/factory svt tip welded on
-180 degree thermostat

-Ford Racing STS
-Eibach Sportline springs

Wheels and tires:
-18x7 Centerline Excel wheels
-215/35R18 General Exclaim UHP's

-ST170 headlights
-ST170 grille
-98 R/S collection front bumper
-euro fenders with blinkers
-euro spec taillights
-euro zx3 rear bumper
-shorty antenna
-painted hatch strip
-debadged hatch


-Focus Central 65mm throttle body
-Y2k ported intake manifold
-ported and polished head
-FR2 cams
-cam gears
-180 degree thermostat
-Focus Central 4-1 header
-Focus Central 2.25" flex pipe
-Magnaflow cat back with resonator
-all 3 V/F motor mounts
-Ford Racing 8mm spark plug wires
-Spec stg3 clutch
-Spec lightweight flywheel

-Eibach Sportline springs
-KYB AGX adjustable shocks and struts
-Focus Central STS
-SVT brake kit
-Focus Central front strut tower bar

Wheels and Tires:
-SVT 5 spoke wheels painted custom grey color
-215/40R17 General Exclaim UHP's

-SVT headlights
-ST170 grille
-euro lower grille
-yellow fogs
-tinted side markers
-M3 style mirrors
-DIY shorty antenna
-debadged hatch

-radio bezel, a/c vents, gauge cluster, shifter knob, door handle and door handle/window switch trim painted same custom grey as SVT wheels
-dual gauge pod painted to match trim
-boost gauge
-a/f gauge

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Name: Shelby

^^^^^ that black zx3 used to be mine... i sold it to slocussvt.

then i got this.

it now looks like this...

and is running with this...

180* thermastat
3 inch exhaust
3" downpipe
750cc injectors
aaronneon fuel return line
AGP BW S256 turbo kit
AGP dog bone motor mounts
AGP Hard Pipes
coolingmist w/a kit
DCR top end oil modifier
ebay catchcan
Greddy Type-S BOV
MSD 8.5mm wires
NDE Traction Control System
quickwhips fmic
walboro 255 fuel pump

BWoody Tranny mount
mopar sts
SBC stage3 clutch

eibach sportline springs
energy suspension LCA bushings
welfare swaybars

AEM boost gauge
blue led gauges

8000k hid kit
blue turn signals
CF elw lip
CF Radiator Shroud
fog light mod
racing stripes

Wheels & tires:
Rota Torques- Bronze 17x8
General Exclaim UHP- 245/40

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the sticky is updated thus far...never realized you didn't have a number yet joel...are you official or not? i can't remember [paranoid]

everyone else get yours in!

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i'm not official yet. It's okay though, I would require a cool number out of sequence and that takes time for the paperwork to go through.

Something like, Joel - Gumpcrew #11inches or #G(for gangster) #didyourmomlastnight #biggerthanshethought

any of those would work :)

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I believe I'd like to keep all the numbers in sequence (if that's cool with everyone) that way we don't have that stupid crap with large #'s and only have a lot LESS members.

I don't want to see Gumpcrew Member #89 and we only have 20 members.

Thats just my OCD kicking in though
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