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The Ford Focus Parts List! 13 Pages!!

The Thirteen Pages is if it's copied and pasted into MS Word...

Anyway, here's the first half...

2000+ Ford Focus

Body kits
Andy’s Autosport Kato body kit
Andy’s Autosport Kato Bomb body kit
APC body kit
APC Terminator by Hot Wheels body kit
Astra-Hammond body kit
Black Widow style body kit @ $849
Black Widow 2 style body kit @ $849
Blitz style body kit @ $849
Buddy Club style body kit
Buddy Club 2 body kit (sold exclusively through Henshin,
Buddy Club 3 body kit @ $849
Cervini’s Sniper body kit @ $1,999
Erebuni body kits (4 different kits)
FocusSport body kit
Focus Tuning body kit @ $649
Ibherdesign Aqua body kit
JSP Rave body kit
JT Autostyle EVO III body kit
Kaminari body kit with full front fascia
Kaminari body like above but instead of full front, only lip spoiler
Lumma body kits
Mattig body kit
Nissan Skyline R34 style (Octane) body kit @ $849
No Limit 11-piece wide body kit @ $2200
Postert body kits
Prototype Designs Intruder Kit (Coming Soon!)
PSG Styling body kit
Quwhees 8-piece wide body kit @ $1200-$1400
Razzi 4-piece body kit
Rieger Tuning body kit from £679
Roush Racing body kit
Saleen body kit
Steeda body kit @ $599.95
Stoffler body kits
Street Weapon Composites Drift body kit @ $350
USA Fiberglass Scorpion body kit
VIS Racing Sports Omega body kit
VIS Racing Sports Octane body kit
Willpak 4-piece body kit
Wings West Avenger body kit @ $919.95 (4pc kit)
Wings West Big Mouth body kit
Wings West Hot Wheels body kit
Wings West W-Typ body kit @ $569.95
Wolf Concepts body kits
Xenon body kit @ $644.95

Aerogear carbon fiber OEM hood @ $367
APC “Carbon Fiber” hood @ $599.95, pn# 101006
Cervini’s Mach 5 hood @ $439, included with body kit
CF Hoods from $450
Cobra hood
Eurohood clear hood
Fiber Images carbon fiber hood
Focus Central carbon fiber hood @ $649
ImportTrenz carbon fiber Invader hood @ $450
ImportTrenz carbon fiber OEM hood @ $400
Kaminari full carbon fiber @ $895
Keystone Good Hood @ $595
OEM style carbon fiber hoods (B, R, B, Y)
SLP Power Products true air-induction hood
Sport Parts Cobra 2 hood @ $515.87
Steeda non-functional hood @ $Call
Sunny Stylin’ hood
VIS Racing Sports carbon fiber EVO-style hood
VIS Racing Sports carbon fiber Invader Type 6 hood
VIS Racing Sports carbon fiber OEm hood
Wings West carbon fiber EVO-style hood @ $799.95

BC Auto Design rear wing
California Dream replica spoiler
Carbon Creations carbon fiber Wings West-style 3-piece mid-wing
Carbon Creations carbon fiber Wings West-style whale tail roof wing
Cervini’s window mount rear wing, adjustable @ $289
Cervini’s 3-piece mid wing @ $239
Focus Tuning @ $149
Kaminari wing with CF insert @ $495
Kaminari wing above in full carbon fiber @ $595
Keystone rear wing
No Limit aggressive rear wing
POGY Products Focus-exclusive aluminum rear wings
Texas DAR rear wing
Wings West roof whale tail @ $395
Wings West three-piece mid-wing style @ $259.95

Bumpers - Front
Black Widow style front bumper @ $299
Black Widow 2 style front bumper @ $299
Buddy Club style front bumper @ $299
Cervini’s front bumper, includes PIAA fog lamps @ $499
Focus Tuning Front spoiler @ $199
Raceline front spoiler @ £260
Tsunami front bumper @ $360 (Aerotrends)
VIS Racing Sports Omega front bumper
Wings West front airdam @ $385.95

Bumpers - Rear
Cervini’s rear bumper @ $399
Focus Tuning rear apron @ $199
GTP Blue Class fiberglass Black Widow style rear bumper
No Limit rear bumper
No Limit rear air dam
Raceline rear skirt @ £240
VIS Racing Sports Omega rear bumper

Bumper Fangs
Wings West bumper fangs (fits Big Mouth style front bumper)

Side Skirts
Cervini’s side skirts @ $299
Focus Tuning side skirts @ $300
No Limit side skirts
Raceline side skirts @ £445
VIS Racing Sports Omega sideskirts

Raceline mesh grille @ £110

Aerogear Aero-Z fenders @ $299
Aerotrends X2 fenders @ $199
Cervini’s fender vents @ $99
C-Wings carbon fiber OEM style fenders @ $499
ImportTrenz SLR fenders @ $300
Metal Z3 fenders
No Limit fender flares
VIS Racing Sports Bullet fenders
VIS Racing Sports M3 roadster fenders
VIS Racing Sports Z3 fenders

C-Wings carbon fiber trunk lid (4-door sedan)
VIS Racing Sports carbon fiber trunk (2-door)

Window Deflectors
VentShade VentVisor @ $39.95 for 2dr, $49.95 for 4dr

APC RoadVision Sport Mirrors @ $79.95
APC Generation II EuroStyle mirrors @ $199.95

Hood Spoilers
FocusTuning @ $119.95

APC Super Street (r,b,y,w,gid, with c,cf) @ $16.95 (108320 series)
APC APC (r,b,y,w, with c) @ $16.95 (108300 series)
APC R (r,b,y,g, with c, cf, gid) @ $30 (c), $30 (cf), $38 (glow-in-dark)
Essex Racing colored badges @ £18
Richbrook Indiglow Ford badge @ £35
Muskat Racing carbon fiber SVT emblem w/ brushed aluminum accents
Muskat Racing carbon fiber SVT emblem w/out brushed aluminum accents
Muskat Racing carbon fiber Ford emblems (small, medium, large)
Muskat Racing carbon fiber SVT emblem
Muskat Racing carbon fiber ZX3 emblem
Muskat Racing carbon fiber ZX5 emblem
Steeda oval, small or large, @ $10

Muskat Racing Focus products
Muskat Racing carbon fiber 4-pc B-pillar + rear side window cladding replacments

Light Covers
GTS taillight blackouts
Ventshade headlight covers @ $49.95

Roll Cages
Monkey Bars Styling Cages (White, B, Y, R)
RS Akimoto monkey bars (White, R, Y, B)

Billet Aluminum Items
Brake light covers (choice of “ZX3”, “Focus” or “KKM”)
Focus Central shorty antenna (Red, Chrome, Blue, Black) @ $19.95
Focus Central HVAC control knobs (R, C, B)
Injen fuse box cover
Steeda doorsill plates @ $79.95

Ractive tunable CF mufflers
W/ beveled tip @ $189.95
Bomb-Style @ $179.95
Angle Cut Tip @ $169.95

Exhaust Tips
Pilot Motorsports Round w/ genuine CF insert @ $49.95

Car Covers
Covercraft (Size code A) @ $149.95 w/o spoiler, $169.95 w/ spoiler (size code is for JCWhitney catalog orders.

Lowering Springs
APEX suspension systems sport spring kit
Arospeed lowering springs
B&G Sport lowering springs
Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs (1.2”) @ $239.95
Eibach SportLine lowering (2” f., 2.2” r.) @ $229.95
Gold-Line Racing Products lowering kit (1.5” drop) @ $159.95
H&R Springs (Excluding Wagon) (1.4 Fr, 1.3 RR) Sport Series @ $202
H&R Sport Springs (Wagon) (1.4 Fr, 1.3 RR) @ $202
H&R Race springs (2 FR, 1.75 Rr) @ $202
Intrax lowering springs (1.7”) @ $205.95
Progress Technology sport springs @ $149.95 ID
REWorks by APC @ $249.95 for set of 4
Skunk2 (PN 519-04-1590) @ $225.50
Sprint Performance Suspension lowering springs (2”) @ $189.95
Steeda sport springs @ $259.95
Tein Stylish Spec Dress Up Master S-Tech (1.5” drop) @ $190
Tein STech @ $143
Vogtland @ $299

Strut Bars - Front Upper
OBX Racing Sports Type GX @ $149
OBX Racing Sports Type RDG @ $89
Ractive type 8 @ $64.95
REWorks by APC raw stainless steel @ $149.95
REWorks by APC gunmetal @ $129.95

Strut Bars - Front Lower

Strut Bars - Rear Upper
Focus Sport
OBX Racing Sports Type GX @ $149
OBX Racing Sports Type RDG @ $89

Strut Bars - Rear Lower
OBX Racing Sports Type GX @ $149
OBX Racing Sports Type S @ $79

Sway Bars
Eibach Anti-Roll Kit
Huseman Engineering sway bars
Progress Technology rear sway bar (22mm) @ $149

Performance Shocks
H&R rear Shocks @ $112 (each)
H&R front shocks @ $184 (each)
Koni rear shocks @ $152 each
Koni front left shock @ $168
Koni front right shock @ $168


Complete Coil-over Systems
SPAX RSX complete coil-over kit
Tein Super Street Damper
Vogtland adjustable coilover suspension kit

Other Suspension
Air Lift Easy Street bolt on Air Struts @ $1995
B+G coilover suspension system @ $1395
Bilstein PSS9 suspension system (see last page for details)
Eibach camber kit (rear) @ $29
Energy Suspension Motor Mount insert @ $17
Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex bushing kit @ $119
Focus Central front control arms @ $299
FocusSport suspension
Ground Control coil-overs
H&R suspension
Koni shocks and struts set of 4 from Focus Central @ $575
Lakewood Products leaf spring traction bar
Progress Technology camber kit 1.0 degrees max front (camber plate) and 1.5 degrees max rear (shim) @ $187
Specialty Products front camber kit
Sprint Performance Suspension camber kit (±1.75°) @ $29.95
Suspension Techniques rear sway bar (includes bushings, diameter of 7/8”)

Bushing Kits
Energy Suspension F & R sway bar bushings
Energy Suspension front control arm bushings
Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex bushing kit
Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex motor mount inserts
Prothane Total Kit (details last page) @ $229.95

Miscellaneous Performance
Crower billet steel connecting rods @ $665
Crower stainless steel valves
Diablo sport chip @ $219
Eagle H-beam forged connecting rods including ARP bolts @ $369
Fluidyne radiator @ $599.95
NuFormz engine components
Venom 400 performance control module @ $299.95

AEBS crank starting @ $2,000
Cat Cams performance camshaft (also available for Toyota 2JZ)
Crane Cams street/performance camshaft @ $499.95 (from FocusCentral at $379)
Crower billet cams
Crower performance camshaft
FocusTuning street camshafts

Throttle Bodies
BBK throttle body, unpolished @ $299.95 (5-8 hp gain, 62mm)
Focus Central billet 65mm throttle body @ $269 (adds 4-7hp)

JE pistons @ $419-$499 through Race Engineering
SRP pistons

Intake Manifolds
Focus Central intake manifold
STR intake manifold @ $546.97

AEM Tru-Power alternator pulley @ $69.95 at Landspeed Racing
AFX underdrive pulley (weighs only 10oz! Stock pulley weighs ~3.5lbs!)
Arospeed underdrive pulley kit
Esslinger crank pulley
Focus Central pulley kit (Blue, Red, Black) (Contains crank, water pump & alternator) $139
Ford Racing underdrive crank pulley kit (crankshaft pulley & acc. Belt) $129
OBX Racing Sports underdrive pulley kit @ $149
OBX Racing Sports crank pulley kit @ $129
STR underdrive pulley kit (bronze, polished, titanium) @ $98

Exhaust Systems
1320 exhaust system
A’pexi exhaust (World Sport)
Applied Technologies & Reaserch exhaust system
Bassani exhaust system
Borla Cat-back exhaust system (SM, SAITTE) @ $429.95
Bosal BroSpeed exhaust system
DNX Performance after-cat exhaust system (full polished, stainless) @ $421.99
FocusSport exhaust
FocusTuning exhaust system
HKS Hi-Power exhaust @ $456
HKS Hyper exhaust system
MagnaFlow exhaust
MBRP exhaust @ $349.95
NuFormz exhaust
Pacesetter exhaust
Skunk2 exhaust (Standard PN 413-04-2190) @ $579.95
Skunk2 exhaust (Polished PN 413-04-2195) @ $579.95
Steeda exhaust system @ $419.95
Tanabe Racing Medallion exhaust
Tanabe Hyper Medallion exhaust @ $479
Tanabe Super Hyper Medallion exhaust @ $544
Thermal Research And Development exhaust kit @ $409 @ TW

FocusSport spark plug wires
Ford Racing 9mm spark plug wire kit $39.95
JBA spark plug wires
Magnecor spark plug wire set (8.5mm) @ $73
MSD Ignition sparkplug wire set (8.5mm) @ $41
MSD Ignition system w/ tach adapter
Nology HotWires® (5%hp ^) @ $169.95
Nology Power Core Ignition Amplifier
Nology ProFire Coil
Nology Silver Stone Spark Plugs
Ractive triple magnetic core wires (0 ohms no resistance for single & dual cams)
Steeda 9mm spark plug wires @ $39.95
Vitek high performance ignition wires

Fuel Management
Steeda fuel rail
STR fuel rail (blue, bronze, red, silver, titanium) @ $96.64
Venom Hi-Flow fuel pump
Venom Hi-Flow injectors

Spark Plugs
Bosch Platinum +4 spark plugs
Nology (up to 137%hp ^) @ $7.95 each

APC header
Arospeed header
Esslinger racing header
Focus Central header from $279.95
FocusSport race header
HP Racing header
JBA header
JGEdelbrock header @ $549.95 (Ceramic Coated), $599.95 (Unpolished Stainless)
Kamikaze Performance Products header
Pacesetter header

Notes: anything that's underlined, are items that may not have seen the light of day. Italicized items are items mostly sold overseas, but you can still get them in the states.

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Nitrous Systems
Nitrous Oxide Systems nitrous kit @ $881
Venom PC-based computerized Nitrous system @ $1399 (JCW)

APC Altezza tails @ $179.95
APC clear bumper lenses @ $39.95
APC Road Vision sport mirrors @ $79.95
APC Eurostyle mirrors with LED turn signals @ $199.95
Catz XLD fog lights
Hella dual lamp headlight conversion (can be factory color-matched) @ $499.95
No Limit projector signal lights

AASCO lightweight flywheel ( @ $390
APC Ford Racing short shifter pn #604602
Advanced Clutch Technology clutch kit
Arospeed short shifter
B&M Edge short shifter @ $159.95 (reduce shift throw by over 2”, direct bolt-in replacement)
CenterForce clutch kit
ClutchMasters stage 1 clutch kit @ $426.60
Focus Central 4.06 gear conversion @ $399 for 2000 to early 2001 models
Focus Central short shifter @ $179
FocusSport drivetrain parts
FocusSport aluminum flywheel (9lbs vs. stocker’s 21.5 lbs)
Indigo flywheel
OBX Racing Sports short shifter @ $89
Phantom Grip limited slip differential @ $319.95
Quaife drivetrain parts
Quaife 5 speed engagement gear kit with ring & pinion $4450
Quaife Limited slip differential @ $565
RPS performance carbon fiber clutch
RPS flywheel
Steeda Tri-Ax/F short shifter @ $

Baer disk brakes and calipers (13+12 inch for respective front and rear)
EBC Brakes GreenStuff
EBC Brakes sport rotors
Goodridge stainless steel brake lines @ $129.95
HP Racing big brake upgrade
Huseman Engineering brake kit
Lamb Components carbon fiber brake rotors, pads and lines
Power Slot front slotted rotors @ $76 each
Russell Performance Products brake line kit
SSBC Performance brake kit (min wheel size 16”, rotor size 12”) @ $795

Turbochargers, and turbo kits
Alamo Autosports (MSRP $2769
Esslinger turbo
Fastrax turbo
Gude Performance turbo kit (MSRP $2365)
Hahn Racecraft (MSRP N/A)
HKS turbo

Jackson Racing supercharger @ $2995.00
Vortech Engineering (50%-80% more horsepower!)

Dash trim kits
APC gauge cluster trim @ $39.95
B and I Auto Trim 6-10 piece carbon fiber dash kit
Benevento 12 piece carbon fiber dash kit
Florida Auto Trim
Legend Five 11-piece carbon fiber dash kit
New England Wood Dash 16 piece carbon fiber dash kit
Sherwood 17-piece carbon fiber dash kit
ToraSport carbon fiber dash kit
WoodDash 14-18 piece carbon fiber dash kit
Woodview 10 piece carbon fiber dash kit @ $255.99

Racing Seats
V-Racing seat brackets @ $59.95

APC Speed-Glo luminescent gauge faces @ $99.95
Autometer Vacuum Boost Meter (Real CF Face, 30 in.Hg/PSI) Mechanical @ $42.95
Oil Pressure (Real CF Face, 100 PSI) Mech. $47.95, El. $63.95
Water Temp (Real CF Face, 250 F) Electrical @ $49.95
Fuel Pressure (Real CF Face, 100 PSI) Electrical @ $210.95
Air/Fuel Ratio (Real CF Face) Electrical @ $61.95
Tachometer (Real CF Face, 5” Silver Bezel) @ $229.95
Focus Central colored gauge faces (White @ $79, silver @ $99)
Ford Racing dual gauge A-Pillar pod
Indoxone gauge faces (white, R, Y, O)
Lockwood colored dials [gauges] (white, blue, red, cream, green, yellow, silver)
MMR colored gauges
NR EL Glow gauges

Engine dress-up
AEM spark plug cover @ $89.95
Esslinger oil cap
Focus Central spark plug cover @ $79
Focus Central strut tower covers @ $99
Injen Fuse Box cover (polished) @ $42
Injen Fuse box cover (red, Blue) @ $49
Injen spark plug cover (polished, red, blue) @ $64
PML cast aluminum valve covers w/ optional spark plug cover @ $250
STR oil cap
Unorthodox Racing billet aluminum oil cap

Packages from Landspeed Racing
Power package A: AEM cold air intake and JET ECU upgrade for $569.95

Packages from ImportDirect
Power package: JBA header, AEM cold air, Thermal catback $939.95
Handling package: Progress sport springs, Tokico N/A struts: $439.95

Engine Kits (Race Engineering)
JE Pistons and Eagle connecting rods kit @ $835-855 (add $48 for Crower rods)
Race Engineering XT Pistons and Eagle connecting rods from $839

Shoulder Pads
Ford Racing - 121100 series
Flames (R,B,Y,B)
Super Street (R,B,Y,B) - 121120 series
R-Speed CF Look (G,R,G)

Cam Gears
AEBS adjustable cam sprockets @ $145 each
AEM cam gears @ $159.99, ($135.95 at LandSpeed Racing!)
Crane Cams cam gears ( @ $300 (pair)
Crower cam gears
Esslinger cam gears
Fidanza adjustable cam gears (B, C, R)
FocusCentral from $219.95
FocusSport cam gears
Ford Racing adjustable cam gear $149
Ichibahn cam gears (BA, O, R, Y, B)
Kent Cams cam gears
Race Engineering cam gears (from $89 each when you buy two) (Sale $129 pair)
STR cam gears (bronze only) @ $172.33
Unorthodox Racing Ultra TS cam gears (+/-10°, accurate to within 1 minute, 5-25hp +,B,R)
Venom adjustable cam gears

Air Intakes
AEM Air Bypass Valve @ $49.95
AEM Cold Air Intake @ $329.95, ($316.99 at Dynamic Turbo!)
AEM Short Ram intake @ $212.95
APC Intimdator intake @ $99.95
Arospeed cold air intake
FocusSport intake
FocusTuning intake
HKS filter & adapter style air intake (ZX3) @ $129.99
Iceman intake @ $239.95
Injen air intake @ $299.95
Injen intake polished @ $223
K&N intake
NuFormz intake
Ractive intake
Steeda air intake @ $179.95 (Blue), or $199.95 (Polished)
Weapon *R intake

Aerogear carbon fiber NSX vents @ $275
Aerogear fiberglass Boxster vents @ $180
Aerogear fiberglass Phoenix vents @ $195
Aerogear fiberglass GT2 vents @ $185
Arospeed decorative headrest springs @ $19.95 (C, R, B)
Arospeed aluminum bumper wings @ $49.95 (B, S, R, B)
C-Wings carbon fiber 4-piece canards
C-Wings carbon fiber hood scoop
C-Wings carbon fiber JT EV2 splitters
C-Wings carbon fiber roof scoop
C-Wings carbon fiber wings
C-Wings carbon fiber license plate (available only at GTP [])
Eurostar carbon fiber shift knobs (Super Anatomic)
FAL Lexan Windows @ $551
Gauge Works gauge pod @ $27
Kaminari carbon fiber license plate frame
Muskat Racing carbon fiber Ford key chain
Muskat Racing carbon fiber fuel door cover (exclusively for Focus)
NOPI carbon fiber F40 style rear wing
Profit billet electric locking gas door
Steeda shift knobs
Wings West carbon fiber antenna pod
Wings West carbon fiber hood louvers

APC TitanTM bulbs (3157 wedge-style) from $7.95
Standard 194 style bulbs (amber, blue, green, purple, red, Superwhite) pair @ $6.95
Standard 3157 bulbs (amber, blue, green, purple, red, Superwhite) pair @ $9.95
LED 3157 bulbs (amber, blue, green, purple, red, Superwhite) @ $9.95 each
StreetGlow xenon white high-intensity 899 bulbs @ $29.99 pair

Flex-a-lite engine cooling fan @ $199.95 (red, black, blue)


Other Parts
AEM air bypass valve (fits all standard intake pipe diamters) @ $49.95
ATD door sills @ £35 pair
Accelerator Composites carbon fiber exterior door trim (ZX3 only)
Arospeed carbon fiber frog-eyed gauge pod
Arospeed engine ground kit (get HP by const. grounding, red, blu, yell.) @ $119.95
also available in polished and blue
DG Motorsports carbon fiber and steel interior cage
Diamond Plate Specialties license plate recess trim @ $19.95
Dimma Evolution fuel cap trim @ £34.95
Essex Racing roof mount carbon fiber JGTC-style rear wing @ £195
Freedom Design (Kamei) headlight eyelids @ $89.00
FSE power boost valve for ZETEC @ £90.95
Flex-a-Lite polymer windows (street and race applications available)
H&R cup kit (lowering kit) 2.6”front, 2.5” rear @ $679
H&R PCS Coilover kit @ $1758
Import Trader carbon fiber-wrapped leather shift boot
OBX Racing Sports carbon fiber cold air intake @ $249
ProTopLine replacement cylinder heads
PTWoody carbon fiber woody body kit
Tornado (test proven for 24%+ in MPG, and up to 13 hp gains!) @ $64.99

Weld Racing Racelite R/S wheels (17”, 11.6lbs; 18”, 13.3lbs)

Websites: -- focus dash in Real CF $239 - various low-price parts - body styling - brakes - Bassani Exhaust -- BAT Inc. - dash kit - Mach 5 hood and body kit - thinking about producing cool body kit, email them! - Lambo door hinge kit - After-cat exhaust - Radiators - Kamei headlight eyelids - Aqua body kit - performance - various parts - performance parts - one of three companies making centrifugal supercharger - hot chicks! - Pectel engine management - SHO V-6-powered Focus - Focus turbo kit - one of three companies making centrifugal supercharger - replacement cylinder heads - PSG Body Styling - Quwhee's Wide Body Kits - various engine parts - functional air-induction hood - Focus parts from Steeda! - Drift kit - Street Trends Racing - the best parts at the best prices! - various parts - Aerodynamics - Aerodynamics - Aerodynamic enhancements - Need we say more? - POGY Products aluminum wings - one of three companies creating centrifugal supercharger. - PML cast-aluminum valve covers - Focus devoted Esslinger Engineering website

Products in cyan have prices in pounds (UK).
AEM should make the following parts for the Focus:
High Flow Fuel Rail from $149.95
Programmable Engine Management System @ $1595
Oil Filler Cap @ $39.95
Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator from $179.95

Suspension Notes:

The Bilstein PSS9 suspension system’s features
* nine precision settings for compression and rebound for better performance and comfort
* progressive-rate front and rear springs
* Mono-tube design dissipates heat more effectively providing better efficiency and longer life
* Larger piston diameter for precise control
* Retail price: $1,299-$1,699
* Web site:

The Ground Control Advance Design Series for drag racing
* Externally adjustable with separate bump and rebound knobs
* Aerospace bushing material to withstand high lateral loads of racing
* Rebuildable and revalveable dampers
* Internal double-adjustment mechanism uses a single shaft for greater strength
* Titanium internal components
* Separate, lightweight, floating piston and nitrogen chamber
* Retail price: $399 and up for each corner
* Web site:

Prothane Total Kit contents:
Front and rear control arm bushings, transmission stabilizer kit, front ball joint boots, and front sway bar end link bushings; front and rear strut/shock bushings; outer tie rod boots; strut rud bushing set; front sway bar mount bushings and rear bar mount and end link bushings.

February 10, 2004:
New Additions: new fender styles (X2, SLR, Z3, Bullet), new hood styles (Evo, OEM, Invader), new trunks.

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New Additions:

Body Kits:
Ibherdesign Hunter body kit
Ibherdesign Aqua STD body kit
Ibherdesign Aqua Maxi body kit
Ibherdesign Zion body kit
Ibherdesign Tornado body kit
Wings West WRC-style body kit

Carbon Fiber:
Top Shop Headliners CF headliner (ZX3 only without sunroof) @ $475 shipped
Top Shop Headliners CF cargo cover (hatchback only) @ $200 shipped

Wings West
Top Shop Headliners

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Updates for April 18, 2005:

Vis Racing has finally put up a picture of their carbon fiber hatch lid for the ZX3/ZX5 on their website. One seller has listed a price of $550 for the piece.

Vis Racing Sports

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Carbon Creations has just released a full carbon-fiber Pro-DTM body kit for the Ford Focus ZX3 2000-2004 model years.

The link to the product page is here:


Also available from Carbon Creations are:
Wings West-style Whale Tail
3-piece mid-wing
OEM fenders
Poison rear bumper
Pro-DTM front bumper
Pro-DTM side skirts

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HKS Hi-Power exhaust @ $456

what site can i find that at and can i get it for the 07 ZX4 ST

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That's some great refference info.

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i hope your girl doesn't mind all the time you spend on that

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Most of this parts list was for the 2000-2004 Focus, primarily ZX3 as it was the most popular version for tuners. However I tried to appeal to all Focus enthusiasts who didn't have a 3-dr hatchback, and also the newer 2005-2007 and 2008 models did not exist at the time but the 2004 had the new engine which I never got around to researching for parts.

The tuner industry appears to have slowed down a bit, and I've found very few new releases over the last couple of years, especially for the Focus. And with the new 2008 Focus Coupe and Sedan on the way, I may add new parts as they become available.

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Hi i was wondering if you still have any of the 3 peice underdrive pully kits from focus-central i cnat seem to find them any where. If you dont have one and you know someone that does let me know please.

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holy thread reveal batman, this things is 5 years old.

im sure more than half the items are unavailable now days.
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