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Hey All...... Everyone knows I've created a few threads about all the modifications and information available, the infamous Intake thread, So to help the intake thread... I have decided to Create an exhaust thread, So here it goes.

Lets Go ahead and Start with Focussport, sinse they are a very well known name.

Here is the information on their exhaust and header available for the duratec equipped focus:

FocusSport performance exhaust systems are designed and manufactured with the performance enthusiast in mind. We use 2.25" diameter mandrel bent aluminized steel tubing in our designs to ensure maximum flow and horsepower. All systems come with a resonator and our exclusive stainless steel muffler, which features a straight-through design. We now use a new stainless steel muffler consisting of a stainless steel one piece inlet / perforated core / outlet for smooth unrestricted flow, lap jointed all weld construction, stainless steel mesh packing and high temperature acoustical absorbing material. Our systems end in a polished 3.5" angle cut T304 stainless steel tip. Also included are the necessary clamps, hardware for an easy installation.

Our systems are a complete flex pipe back design and come standard as our 'Sport' option, which offers a deep, sporty track tone. We also offer our new 'Stealth' option upgrade at an additional cost. Even though our 'Sport' exhausts were already one of the quietest systems on the market, now our 'Stealth' exhausts offer even less sound, while not losing ANY horsepower or torque. The 'Stealth' system is a good option for anyone utilizing race headers, or for anyone that wants a relatively quiet exhaust. The 'Stealth' option is available after you add the product to your cart.

All aluminized systems come with a 2 year warranty. Our optional polished ceramic coating systems can withstand constant temperatures of 1200° Fahrenheit and come with a 3 year warranty - best for withstanding the weather. Available for the Ford Focus 8v SPI/16v Zetec/Duratec.

If your vehicle is equipped with the ZX4 Street Appearance Package, our exhaust will not fit without modification and extention of the exhaust system tubing.

ZX3/ZX5 Exhaust - 16v Zetec/2.0L & 2.3L Duratec (Not SVT) FS020D(Q/CC/CCQ) $349.95

ZX4/Sedan Exhaust - 8v SPI/16v Zetec/2.0L & 2.3L Duratec FS022D(Q/CC/CCQ) $349.95

2008 Coupe & Sedan Exhaust - 2.0L Duratec FS022D(Q/CC/CCQ) $349.95

Stealth Muffler * FS02025 $119.95

Focussport Header:

FocusSport Duratec Performance Headers & Flex Pipe
FocusSport's polished ceramic coated 4-1 Race Header is designed to scavenge the engine cylinders for maximum power with it's 1 7/8" primaries and racing merge collector. Provisions for the original mounting bracket are provided for a stable mount to the engine block. The Cosworth flex pipe is highly recommended to maximize performance. Comes complete with 02 Sensor wire extender, gasket and hardware as shown. Not street legal, for track or off road use only.

Ford Focus 2.3L/2.0L Duratec - FocusSport 4-1 Race Header
(RACE ONLY Application) FS029 $379.95

Ford Focus 2.3L/2.0L Duratec Manual Trans - 2.5" Flex Pipe FS029M $89.95

(Avail. Mid Sept)
Ford Focus 2.3L/2.0L Duratec Automatic Trans - 2.5" Flex Pipe FS029A $89.95

Mind, you by installing a header, you are removing the primary emissions device on your car... the catylatic converter... heres a warning from Focussport's site, which they do require a waiver:

Next lets go ahead and move to MBRP:

Cat Back, Single Side
FORD FOCUS ZX3 / ZX5 SVT 2½" System 2.3L Duratec

This performance Cat Back system features T-304 Stainless steel construction, smooth mandrel bends and a high flow performance muffler that generates an aggressive deep exhaust note. Your Focus will really respond to the large diameter mandrel bent tubing giving you excellent throttle response.

Fits 2006 – 2007 Configurations

Part #: S4112 $299.99

Listed above is the Best Bang for your Buck from MBRP... But here is the Link to their main page for their Exhausts for the Duratec Focus:

Notes From MBRP

The System Your Focus has Been Waiting For!

From the moment you open the box you will notice quality. At MBRP Inc. quality is very important. >From the laser cut flanges, to the fully sanded, polished muffler and resonator, the precision welded hangers (that utilize the stock hanger location and stock rubber), to the smooth bent tubes that exit out to a mirror polished 3 1/2" inter-cooled exhaust tip. This system looks BEAUTIFUL and you still haven't taken it out of the box!!!

T-304 Stainless Steel - Killer Looks!

Along with the cool looks, comes the longest lasting exhaust system available. Stainless steel has been used throughout the entire construction of this system, not just the outside of the muffler (like the other guys), but the inside as well. And not just the killer exhaust tip but the complete system. The tubes are T-304 stainless steel, the hangers are T-304 stainless steel, even the welding wire that goes through our mig and tig welders are T-304 stainless steel. The best part, MBRP Inc. will back this up with a full 5 year limited warranty, against all components of this exhaust system.

Easy Installation

Well, it's out of the box, yes it looks cool, now it's time to install the beast on your car. Note: It is important to read the instructions before installing this exhaust system. After reading the instruction sheet enclosed in your package, you will understand just how easy installing this MBRP Inc. system will be.

1- Remove original system, 2- Bolt-on new system, 3- Done

To be truthful there are a few extra steps in between these, but it really is basic, using common hand tools. From the backyard enthusiast, to the trained technician, anyone can install this unit. Estimated installation time: 30-60 minutes complete.

When Performance Counts

Let’s talk performance. You now have that brightly polished system bolted on and the car is back down on all 4 tires! Upon the engine firing you will notice a deep low note now exiting from the rear of the Focus, an authoritative note, not stock. Now let’s go for a rip! Pulling through the gears, you'll notice everything just seems to happen a little faster; you go through the gears faster, the scenery is going by faster and yes, you are going faster. A nice crisp throttle response can be noted along with the more prevalent power throughout the entire power band. After everything slows back down to a more civilized pace, you will likely ask yourself "Where was all the obnoxious sound?" usually associated with performance exhaust. Inside a deep low performance sound can be heard, not a droning, resonating sound. Outside the car a low note of authority will be heard under normal driving conditions. When the higher RPM's of the engine are called upon, the MBRP Inc. system will sing a sound of performance, not obnoxious yet definitely aggressive.

True MBRP Quality & Support

This system has been completely designed, developed, and built here at MBRP Inc. Any of our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this product. Just give us a call toll free at 888 636 7223 or email us at [email protected].

*Exhaust flanges may be produced using Non-stainless material.

After MBRP, lets go ahead and take a quick Look at Steeda:

Free up your exhaust with Steeda's stainless steel exhaust kit. This 2.5 inch diameter cat-back kit installs perfectly in place of the restrictive stock exhaust. This kit gives you a boost in horsepower and works well with other modifications. When installed, the Steeda stainless exhaust gives your Focus a deep sporty exhaust note, without being obnoxiously loud. Stainless steel construction is used throughout for durability. The Plated exhaust tip looks great and fits our ground effects package perfectly. Includes clamps needed for installation.

Steeda Stainless Steel Exhaust $399.95

After Steeda, Lets Move towards Magnaflow, which you can Purchase from Steeda.


Magnaflow's all Stainless Steel cat-back exhaust system will be the last exhaust kit you will ever need to buy. With 2.25" diameter tubing and a Huge 4" polished and beveled tip.
Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust - ZX3 & ZX5 Duratec - '03-'07 $476.41

Magnaflow's all Stainless Steel cat-back exhaust system will be the last exhaust kit you will ever need to buy. With 2.25" diameter tubing and a Huge 4" polished and beveled tip.
Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust - ZX4 Duratec - '04-'07 $476.41

And Now for Borla/Ford Racing...

The Ford Racing/Borla exhaust is a Stainless Steel 2.5inch exhaust which comes in the stanard single exit or the center exit, which then you would need to purchase the SVT rear bumper and center exit valance.

The MSRP was $429.99 But, IF you contact Mike over @ Hilbish Ford, Found, Here He may Still be able to get one to you for considerably less, As Ford Racing as discontinued this exhaust, and Borla No longer lists it.

Next is Trubendz:

This kit is designed to fit the 2.3L/2.0L Duratec ZX3/ZX4/ZX5 and Sedan model. (Sedan owners, please read below). The pipe diameter used with this kit is 2.5 inch, 304 Stainless Steel. The whole kit is mandrel bent to allow maximum airflow for an average of 8-12 HP increase in power. This kit features a polished SS Magnaflow straight-thru muffler and a Stainless Steel (double wall) tip that measures approx 3 inch, circle.

The tone of the Magnaflow muffler is low and deep, with mild overall volume. This kit will eliminate your stock main catalytic converter, thus making the kit a complete bolt on. All hardware is included for installation or the kit can be welded if desired. HP increases vary with other engine modifications, although; HP increases will usually average between 8-12 HP at the wheels with this kit. Check out our Picture Gallery for pics of this kit installed.

The average time needed to install this type of kit is 2 hours. 2.5 inch kits are recommended for cars with minor engine mods, such as: a header, cam, intake, chip, etc.

If your interested in keeping your car truly quiet, we can also add a resonator to this kit which will help lower the overall volume. Check the Focus main page for more information about Resonators.

NOTE 1: This kit comes with 2 front pipes. One can eliminate your cat converter (off-road use) while the other can be installed retaining your cat converter for street legal driving. Either method can be used for installation and is at owners discretion. Be aware deleting cat converters is a violation of Environmental Laws. See Store Policies for more information.

NOTE 2: Sedan owners! You must let us know you have a Sedan when placing your order.

NOTE 3: If you have the Focus Street Package Level 1, E-mail us for information before ordering.
PART#: 1412825

Thats The kit that'll give you the best bang for your Buck... but listed below is a the link to trubendz's website where you can find other kits and sizes, and mufflers

Lets Look at the Next Exhaust setup:

HKS Hi-Power Exhaust ZX3-SVT
Starting at: $460.00
Inspired and designed from endurance and GT racing in Japan, HKS developed its Hi-Power Exhaust system for both turbocharged and naturally aspirated applications. HKS has incorporated this new race inspired offset muffler and piping design into many street applications, which offers a greater flow and higher-PRM power gains due to the less restrictive design. This is achieved by eliminating unnecessary bends for the straightest exhaust path.

Lets go ahead and Look at F2's Header:

F2 Duratec Stainless Steel Header 03-08
Fits 2.3L and 2.0L from 03-08 in Stainless Steel. Made in USA (not China)

As we come to our third version of our header for the Duratec, we heard what you wanted and our header includes a flex pipe for the first time. The header comes Coated. Our header will also include the flex gasket and hardware for easy installation. And the new addition is that it is also Stainless Steel!

With laser cut flanges and with the new flex pipe this header systems is the best out there. It is designed for maximum power for both the 2.3L and 2.0L Duratec. With our header design using 1-3/4" primaries and a 2.5" collector will get you the power you need. Our headers comes with three o2 sensor locations for those with PZEV models.

The picture shown is how you get the header, coated.

*Note by purchasing this header you are acknowledging that this is for off-road use only*

We have talked to our supplier and in competition of china products we want to make sure we are able to compete with them we are lowering our price again. Our supplier wants to make sure we stay in the USA so we have cut the cost without sacrificing material. We are able to combine material order with other to get a much lower price. But this is the lowest price we can go as we have looked at every angle to make cuts.

The quality is still the same. And it is Made in the USA!

F2 Focus Sells Magnaflow Exhausts, here is the link to their page:

And By popular demand, and plus i plain forgot, OBX:

OBX High performance racing headers are made out of pure SUS-304 stainless steel. Dyno tested at low end and top speed to increase horsepower. Precision mandrel-bend to enhance exhaust gas flow. These three piece type headers are easy to install. Value-added bolt-on headers for any racing sport performance enthusiast.

Includes all parts shown in pictures below

Dyno tested and proven

Direct bolt-on without modification

T-304 stainless steel mandrel bend for ultra fast flow

CNC machine flanges with TIG and MIG welded construction

Utilizes factory 02 sensor position

Gaskets and hardware included

Lifetime warranty from manufacturer defects

TSUDO N1 Full T-304 Stainless Catback Exhaust System

2.5 inch piping full stainless steel

DIRECT Bolt on design


OBX Pro-Series High performance exhaust systems are Dyno tested at low end and top speed to increase horsepower. Precision mandrel-bend to enhance exhaust gas flow. These exhaust systems are easy to install, and features a smoother piping design for optimal exhaust flow. Value-added bolt-on type for any racing sport performance enthusiast. This is perfect for performance owners looking to up their horsepower and torque.

Dyno tested and proven increase horse power

Direct bolt-on without modification

High quality mandrel bend for ultra fast flow

CNC machine flanges with DUAL-TIG welded construction

Includes removable silencer

Lifetime warranty from manufacturer defects

OBX Genuine Products Design and Quality of OBX U.S.A.

And If you would Like to make your Own exhaust system, I would highly recommend:

Performance Tube Bending, Inc.
515 E. Edna Place
Covina, CA 91723
Phone (626)858-8371
Fax (626)858-8372

A full service tube bending and custom fabrication company with the resources and knowledge to help you meet all of your needs.

Performance Tube Bending has the capability to bend tubing in most sizes from 1/4” to 6”. Multiple tube sizes are possible on tight or wide radius bends.

*They have been featured a few times in Project Car Magazine, and seem to be a very good quality company, so hit them up for your custom jobs!

Ok, So you've seen some of the choices, and you've noticed there is another big choice.... Aluminized Steel or Stainless Steel? Here's your answer.

Aluminized steel is just carbon steel with a thin coating of aluminum to resist rust. This is the same material automobile mufflers and tail pipes are made of and has a long record of good service in high temperature applications.

Stainless steel resist corrosion and flame erosion (burnout) but is expensive, difficult to weld and more importantly, has a relatively low heat transfer ability. Stainless steel has about 1/4 the heat transfer ability of carbon or aluminized steel. Stainless steel also has a high coefficient of thermal expansion which means that it is more likely to warp and get out of shape when it is heated.


If you see anything that needs to be changed or added. please let me know.

And If any companys want their information removed, please send me an e-mail. thanks.

and lets start the discussion!


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Great job!!

I can vouch for the Trubendz exhaust on my 08'. There are two minor fitment issues with it, but pretty easy to get around. I have the 2 1/2" SS w/ High Perf. Magnaflow cat & Magnaflow muffler. Sounds great, not to loud but when you step on it you know you're not dealing with a stock Focus. [burnout]

I've also had the privilege of helping to install this same exhaust on a 05' ZX4 SE. The same minor fitment issues as the 08'. However, I was P.O.'d cause it sounder better than mine. [:D]

I'll be able to give my opinion on the F2 header shortly, just got the UPS tracking number for that today! [woot]

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Ooo, ooo, that was mine.[clap] I can also vouch for TruBendz. I think it's a great system for the price and the shipping of the item was outstanding. Took ten(10) days to get it once I emailed the order form to them.[thumb]

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My Focus Sport exhaust is great, but honhon you forgot the OBX header. I got one of those ond love it as well. Togather w/ there forces combind they make a great sound. Next time you get board you should do one on

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nice write up man....definitely have more patience than me lol...and yea OBX FTW lol dont hate

Leave it stock?
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So with ss not having good heat transfer what does that mean?

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Great info. I think that we should just do a exhuast hate thread, since most people like their exhausts. We should just let everyone know what we dont like about out exhaust then others can make a decision on that.

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^^^80mph droneeeeee for more than an hour ride [chair]...sorry just got off the highway had to say it

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^^^what he said. you COULD bypass the o2 sensor, so it will pass the obd2 test, but for a sniffer (if you have one) youd need to put in another cat down the line. and that is still not a CARB approved app. just might get you passed.

and as warner said, borla is best.

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^^^what he said. you COULD bypass the o2 sensor, so it will pass the obd2 test, but for a sniffer (if you have one) youd need to put in another cat down the line. and that is still not a CARB approved app. just might get you passed.

and as warner said, borla is best.

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lol u wish. its the server. i know fhg is having the same issue. it wont load for me. i kept going to 'database error.' is noone else having this issue?
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