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the deadly staple

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I need to know if anybody else has had the same problem Ive had. First of all what brand of tires originally came on the focus. My moms car is 07 zx4 se and it was wearing hankook tires. I assume they were the factory because its only a year old and when we bought it had about 20k km on it (ex hertz rental car). The reason I ask because one day I came home and my parents told me that the tire had been popped by a staple. Im wondering if just that set of hankooks where defective or if its a major problem with the focus .

Something good came out of it though when my dad went to have the tire repaired and there was a set of 17'' core racing wheels and tires that had been on a focus show car and had never seen the streets. so now it looks a whole lot better.
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