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I recently passed 100k miles and thought I would clean the car up since I haven't given it a good bath all year. I've had the car since January of 2005 and it's sure come a long way since then. The car has had tons of help from the local CT guys and half the parts are from them [headbang]

I've never posted a comprehensive list of what I've done to the car for myself or on here. The car was bone stock when I bought it and so far I've added:

Volant Intake
FC 65mm TB
Ceramic Coated SVT Header
Random Tech Shorty High Flow Cat
Trubendz 2.5" Stainless Flex
SVT Borla Exhaust
Tuned by Bristol Dyno - Thanks Jon :thumbup:

For those wondering what the setup sounds like, here is a little clip. Not bad for a 4cyl.

ST170 Headlights
Euro Upper Grill
VIS C/F Hood
Yellow Vinyl on Fogs
Rubber Lip
Color Matched Mirrors
Painted Rear Triangles
Tinted Side Markers
Tinted Taillights
SVT Rear Bumper
FRPP Rally Wheels
Koni Yellow Dampers
Koni Springs
SPC Rear Control Arms
Contour Valve Cover in Black Wrinkle Coat
AEM Blue Spark Plug Cover
FRPP Blue Spark Plug Wires
Sill Covers (Not sure what they are, they are from Ray's grey car)

Roush knob
RS Wheel
Painted console, kick panels, door sill trim and vents black
Misc stereo stuff with lots of help from Ray with that

I think that's it? It sure adds up fast.

Yay! [clap]


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very beautiful car! well taken care of from what i can see! nice 100K mile club!

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nice twi blu fofo!
now lets see another 100k miles!!! lol
hmm never got to see the first 100k on my fofo, will definitely get to the next 100k though! [:D]

speaking of miles, my shop teacher was showing us how to do compression checks, and said that right now is old toyota tacoma has about.......338,xxx miles on it [:D]

oh yeah, sweet ride! love the Scoobie theme you got going on there [;)] sexy blue car, with gold (bronze) wheels [thumb]

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screw the next 100k, go for the next 200k!

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screw the next 100k, go for the next 200k!
I plan on getting there........ so what's that, the next 200K would be 308k for me [thumb]

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Gotta show some love for another nice looking twilight blue foci, mines pushing 98k now.

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very nice. Exhaust setup sounds schweet! Keep up the good work!
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