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that sound...WHAT iS IT???

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well a while ago some of you may remember i posted about a wierd sound when i let the clutch out...

well now it seems to just happen really freakin' randomly...

i should say i usually here it on start up but i hear it other times too just randomly....annoying!

its a deep groanish type of "squeal", but not really a squeal

sometimes its worse than other times...louder, or longer in duration

i was thinking wheel bearing possibly? so yesterday i took off all 4 wheels sprayed some wd-40 around the axle bolt...(middly of rotor) and also behind the rotor and hoped that it would seep in...

after that sound is still happening...maybe it just didnt help though?

also another annoying thing is that no matter what i do it seems like i cant get the sound to happen when i try i wanted to show a friend and it didnt basically its really hard to have someone stand outside and have them listen to where its coming from cause it doesntt happen consistently...but it does happen a lot...

what do you guys their a way to test wheel bearing without tearing everything apart...or should it try and test other things?

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its been a while, no reply so "bump"

btw i accidently hit a curb and effed up my alignment, had my gf's dad take it into their dealership to fix the aligment and noted that, so their going to take a look at it...

any ideas that i could pass along to them...right now were kinda scratching the surface with ideas...its a hard sound to recreate when you want to so you cant have someone outside listening for it...unfortunatly...

to try and answer all of your questions...

1)factory motor mounts (waiting to put all three vf in!)

2)the flywheel does chatter quite a bit, but like you said chatter isnt squeel...i wouldnt think it would be the flywheel but who knows...not me!

3)brakes and rotors are most likely i just put in centric rotors and mintex pads all around...didnt know they could be misaligned...ill note that to the shop

4) back to the flywheel, again it could be a problem with the flywheel/clutch...but why would it all the sudden happen after a yeah ya know...cause the clutch shouldnt be dead after a year, so its wierd that it would start to squeel after such a short period of time..

thus far ill have the shop check out the brakes...(cars their anyways!) and hopefully they will find something!
oh btw. more ideas are definatly welcome here!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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