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Yep, my daughter decided that this winter the all seasons were not cutting it, winter this year in Big Sky is worse than last year. So last week she got a set of Blizzak tires installed. I'll update on her experience.
Great idea! All seasons are alright if you live somewhere flat and that gets plowed in good time (any big city) but winter+mountains=snow tires without a doubt for me. One thing I've noticed with most passenger sized car all seasons is that it's harder to find something with good tread on them. Seems that most manufacturers are making them to have a quiet/smooth and fuel efficient ride which really makes it into a 3 season tires as I've noticed the last couple sets of all seasons I had were terrible in snow.

Also consider keeping some extra warm clothes, food, and a shovel for emergencies.

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This is my final update on the Focus.
2007 SES 4 Door Sedan Duratec Automatic Transmission
Purchased: ~2008 <6K miles from CarMax
Sold: June 2018 ~154K miles as a trade in to CarMax.

Well after 3 Montana winters the daughter decided she needed an all wheel drive vehicle. She traded it in on a 2017 Kia Sportage with AWD. The Kia performed great last winter. So here is a summary of how the Focus performed over the 148K miles of my ownership.

Routine 6K mile maintenance: Full synthetic Mobil 1 oil change; Techron Fuel System Cleaner; wheel alignment; battery & charging system check; lifetime air filter check; rotate & rebalance tires; battery service; clean MAF

Routine 30K mile maintenance: fuel filter; spark plugs; transmission fluid & filter

Engine: engine mounts which are a wear item on this car; fuel pump relay; coolant flush @ ~70K miles; 1-2 serpentine belt replacements; never replaced thermostat, hoses or lifetime air filter.

Transmission: shifter OD switch;

Brakes: rotors, pads as needed; rear wheel cylinders, drums, shoes & brake fluid flush @ ~104K miles

Suspension: shocks, struts, 4 wheel bearings @ ~104K miles

AC: worked until ~148K miles, never repaired.

Body: no rust; only repair was after a minor mishap as detailed elsewhere in this thread. I repaired for under $40. Small windshield crack from construction debris, never repaired. Driver’s side mirror replaced due to disagreement with garage entrance.

Electrical: misc bulbs/headlights; 1-2 battery replacements.

Misc: tires replaced as needed, guessing every 45K miles

Times failed to start: zero
Times left driver stranded: zero

All in all I have no complaints, a very dependable car. Just do your maintenance.

My thanks to this forum. It’s a great source of information.

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