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Test drove a Black Pack w/ ST 3" & Roush intake

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So my local Roush Performance dealer just finished an SE with a 3" cat back and Roush cai so oc course I had to take my happy little self in to beg for a test drive.

Upon start up the car just sounds fantastic. Gives a DEEP grumble at idle, as if it's warning of impending horsepowahz. That low grumble continues throughout the 3-3.5k mark then becomes a bit louder and drones through 4-5k under acceleration.

Otherwise the intske (imo) was silent, may have been washed out by the exhaust but made for a fun drive nonetheless!
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Fwiw, car was 5spd, dealer priced exhaust @$749 installed and $350 for intake installation. I have pics but don't have a photo share account any longer.. Valance was cut to fit the dual tios and actually look quite nice in person.
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