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Hi All,

Since my last service changing oil and filter (using FordFormula F 5W30) I'm experiencing a tapping/knocking noise when driving with cold engine. I cannot hear this noise in neutral, just when driving on 1st, 2nd or third gear, and always around 1800 rpm, when accelerating. If I stop accelerating that noise stops. When engine is warm the noise is reduced and I can hear it clearly. On the next video you can hear this noise. This has been recorder inside the "glove box" (I don't know the name in english) so it's really close to the engine, but the tac tac tac noise can be heard.

I've notices about this noise but related to ecoboost models, mine is 1.6 TI-vct Sigma from 2015, it's actually 65K km... (If this is correct, i bought used and I'm starting to think that the mileage is not the real one.... :( )

Has anyone this noise? I don't know if its a tappet, belts, silent block.....

Thanks a lot

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