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This FAQ is modified version of the full ROTM (run by Chick). I will try to update this with additional Q&A specific to the TakeOver ROTM.

No chatter here please. Keeping this one clean. Problems and questions should be messaged to me privately.

Major changes between the TakeOver ROTM and ROTM:

-Nominee MUST be a current/active TakeOver member
-You may NOT nominate yourself
-Only TOP 3 will move on to the final selection (at least until we have more crew members)
-If you edit a post it will not be counted. (Sorry, this helps keep it clean).


What is the TakeOver ROTM?

ROTM (Ride of the Month) is a monthly contest we have here at Focus Fanatics each month. The members of FF get to nominate and vote who they would like to be the top Focus on our site for that month.

The TakeOver ROTM is for members of the TakeOver only. This provides bragging rights for a month for said voted member in all TakeOver related threads. This provides even the rice boxes and slop boxes (as well as the beauties) of the TakeOver to qualify for our crew's ROTM.

Do I have to be a active member to become ROTM?

Naturally, YES. Who wants those one time lurkers to really represent the crew for an entire month? Please be aware that you must be an active member of the FF site, as well as an active member of the TakeOver crew. This means you should be logging in once in awhile and making face in the TakeOver threads. Failure to do so will lead to rejection of nomination. It shouldn't have to be stated, but no members that have been banned can be nominated.

Do I still have to own my Focus to be part of ROTM?

Unless otherwise stated you must still own your Focus.

I will however, try to mix it up once in a while to include some of our other loathed driving machines.

Do I have to be the actual owner of the car in order to be part of ROTM?

Yes, unless stated, you have to be the owner of the car. It cannot be someone elses (IE, friend, spouse). Get your spouse/friends on the forum instead!

If I own more than one car that meets the criteria, can I nominate them all?

Unless stated, you can only have 1 car per member nominated. If you post up all of your cars & don't choose which one you want to use then the moderator staff will choose one if you happen to make into the final voting thread & you cannot change it since you didn't tell us which one you wanted to use.

When does the nominating begin & end?

TakeOver ROTM nominating begins a few days after the end of the voting portion, then ends a few days before the end of the month.

How many posts do I have to have to be nominated?

You have to have at least 500 posts to be nominated; just don't forget you MUST also be a current TakeOver member.

Do I have to have any certain number of posts to nominate members?


Is there a limit to how many people we can nominate?

No. You can nominate as many people as you like. But please refrain from nominating EVERY TakeOver member. In such cases, your post will be ignored.

Be sure fore each person you nominate to tell us why you did. That way that person can receive more nominations.

You may NOT nominate yourself.

What happens if I am in the Top 5 and I don't want to be included in the voting for that month?

All you have to do is tell me BEFORE the voting begins on the 2ND of the month that you don't want to be in that month's poll.

How are the final nominee's chosen?

The top 3 FF members with the most nominations are voted upon in the poll for that month. I go through the thread and count how many times they were nominated. Also, I look to make sure that they have enough posts and have images of their car.

If I am in the running and decide to remove myself from the voting poll, can I be removed?

Yes, but we would rather you tell us ahead of time so we can give other members a chance.

What happens if there is a tie when the nominations are over?

If there is a tie, whomever was nominated first will get included in the final poll.

Do you have to have any pictures of your car?

Yes. Need to have them somewhere -- else why would we vote for you??

When does the voting begin & end?

Voting will be 5 days. It gives the winner more of a chance to 'REIGN' the whole month, instead of just less than half of it. Voting should begin around the 1st day of the month, then end on the 5th.

If I have not posted on the 1st of the month for voting -- FILL MY INBOX!

Do I have to update my profile if I am in the TakeOver ROTM?

It would be good if each of the 5 nominee's updated their profiles with their up-to-date modifications. Might as well show off your toys!

Do I have to have a certain amount of modifications to be in the TakeOver ROTM?

No. But you can't be stock unless stated otherwise. At least some small modification!

If I vote for someone and then change my mind and want to vote for someone else, can I change my vote?

No. To keep this clean -- if your post is EDITED, it will not be counted.

What happens if there is a tie when the poll closes?

If there ever happens to be a tie, then it is up to the moderators to decide the winner.

What do I win if I become the TakeOver ROTM?

Naturally, bragging rights! Since this is not the offical ROTM, your car will not be put on the FF homepage as part of the "Featured Ride". Though it will be posted in a TakeOver ROTM Sticky!

If I lose, does it matter how many times I am in ROTM?

No it does not matter unless you have already won. But you must own a Focus (unless stated) to be in the running.

If I win, can I enter my car for another month?

Yes, you can enter you car again a year after your last win. If you try to enter anytime before that year is up, it will not be allowed.

What is TakeOver ROTY?

ROTY (Ride of the Year) is a yearly contest held in February of each year for all of the 12 winners of ROTM (March - February). The reason why we do this in March is because that is the month that the first ROTM was held. Yes, it's kind of odd but it works. Also makes it more confusing since it's off sync with the full ROTY.

Do I have to be active to be in the running for ROTY?

Yes you do. We have had people win for ROTM & never post or hardly even post after they win. We do not want that for a ROTY winner. If we feel (the moderating staff) like you don't fit the ROTY description (a great, outstanding member that is helpful & feels like they represent this site well, posts or visits the site almost every day & not only in one section of the forum) then we have the right to remove you from the contest no ifs, ands or buts.

How does the voting work?

ROTY is split into 2 phases: 1st phase voting poll is up for 15 days & from there members of this site can vote for more than one member. After the 15 days are up the top 3 (or more if there is a tie) a phase 2 goes up for 5 days. After that poll is over & whoever has the most votes is our winner. If there is a tie, like ROTM, the moderators get to decide the winner.

*Voting rules*
-If we find out that you have cheated (IE: made multiple accounts) it will be deducted from your score.

-You can only vote for one member. During Ride of the Year you can vote for multiple members.


As stated above, if you have any more questions (or see mistakes), feel free to PM me anytime.
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