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Post your completed hunt here!! Whichever generation you drive, whatever your style is, however you drive it...You will be welcomed and not judged or ridiculed. Please do not post just partial pictures and there is no chatter or commenting in this thread, only full completed hunt pictures. Thanks!

Requirements have changed yet again in regards to the hunt. This hunt is what we will call a Hard Drive hunt to start with. Meaning, if you have any of these pictures required below on your phone, computer, whatever, they are eligible to be used. SO if you have taken the picture last week or 2 years ago you may use it for this challenge.

Now if you don't have a picture then you will have to go out and "Hunt" for it. There is only one picture required with your username and date just so we know you have the car still...and cause why not!! Woohoo! Other than that there is nothing required but the picture required below.

PLEASE READ= If one of the challenges you feel uncomfortable with doing or don't want to do. We can meet somewhere in the middle and work something out that is equivalent in nature. Just PM me, FreeFocus.

Hope this helps and let the HUNT BEGIN!

  1. Rolling Shot of Your Car= Driving down a road or highway and someone takes a picture of you driving
  2. Picture of you next to your car= Next to your car, leaning on your car, standing or sitting on your car, you just can't be in your car
  3. Park it next to a body of water= Find a creek, lake, pond, ocean, heck even a puddle, whatever it is
  4. Next to another focus, either same model, same color, or both=Nothing more needed on this one
  5. Night Shot=Take the picture once it gets dark out, under a light or just the flash of your phone camera
  6. Show a DIY mod you have done to your car=You were creative with something on your car, show it to the world
  7. Formal attire required on your car=Dress your car up, be as creative as you want. Put a suit, tie, vest, bow, hat, etc...
  8. Have plastidip somewhere on your car=Whatever design you want on the car, wherever you want to put it. You may take it back off after you get the picture taken
  9. Picture of you working on your car=We all do some wrenching, lets see it in action
  10. Your car with a city skyline in the background=Here is where the city backdrop comes into play, however big or small, lets see the city

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I guess I will lead the way on this...

1. Rolling shot-this is actually harder than it looks to do. There is no tag on this one because it's a screenshot from a video to make it easier. Just had to find a wide road. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Ford motor company Sedan

2. Picture next to your car- keeping it classy with a simple picture. You guys know what I look like now!!!
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Automotive exterior

3. Next to a body I water- what better place to go than the "lake" by Perfect North Slopes.
Car Vehicle Automotive exterior Luxury vehicle Mid-size car

4. Next to another similar focus-I found my jacked up twin!!
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle door Alloy wheel

5. Night shot-after the sun goes down but before you can't see anything in the dark wilderness.
Land vehicle Car Vehicle Automotive design Headlamp

6. Show a DIY mod you have done- custom 3rd brake light. Need I say more?
Red Bumper Automotive exterior Font Material property

7. Formal Attire for the car- Yeah Yeah Yeah...this was from when it was younger. I need to get the fofo a bigger suit now...
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood Car

8. Plastidip on the car- why not white down low to get a feel for the white 5 spoke SVT wheels?
Alloy wheel Vehicle Tire Automotive tire Car

9. Picture working on the car- here is to making sure my Fumoto oil plug and fog light wiring is still in working order.
Bumper Automotive exterior Jeans Vehicle Car

10. The city skyline- some people have it easy, and some have to get lost to find a good picture. Could be better...could be worse...good old Cincinnati.
Car Automotive design Vehicle Sky Tree

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IN FTW! [race]

1. Rolling shot of your car -- me rolling into the garage:

2. Picture of you next to your car -- ME NEXT TO MY CAR:

3. Park it next to a body of water -- this was harder than I thought:

4. Next to another focus -- I got lucky I found one! Felt like a creeper getting this one:

5. Night shot -- I'm posting two here in case anyone wants to argue "night".

6. Show a DIY mod you have done to your car -- I recreated the lost tip today. ROFL

7. Formal attire required on your car -- she's ready to gradumicate:

8. Have plastidip somewhere on your car -- hood has been rocking it for a LOOOONG time now.

9. Picture of you working on your car -- actually changing the oil, not faking it!

10. Your car with a city skyline in the background -- I drove half way up the mtn. for this one:


Ph00ked bey0nd belef
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OK so could it be spaZz-in-out is ready to rumble.....

Let's see...

Just sayin this. I will be finished by nightfall.... True hunt style, done my way..... Because this is MY HUNT.... no one else's.... Juz sayin

Establishing shot....

1 I'm someone, motherm0nkeiz. I roll one deep, what can I say... No one else is leet enough to roll with me!!

Don't like it TFB motherMonkiez!!

Yes I'm driving....

2 This is Me and Pat.... You don't like us... To bad.. Deal with it on your own time... I got shit to do.....

3 yeah it's ugly... So what?

second one

Third one

4 OMgawd in Bacliff even.... . RED /spazzie dr00lz

5 night shot 1

Night shot 2

6 waiting on phartz


7 this is as formal as we get, yes that's bird shit on the hood... Not your hood is it?

8 ahahahahaha it's not a final but it's kinda red. .

9 and this is me at Lowes PDing Pat...

Make me... Just make me.... [neener]

10 for the win...

Kemah boardwalk, closest skyline...

Kemah at night.

Downtown Houston


My mascot/Angel... He's always with me...

Some rice I saw while shooting the "other car pic"

My new wheels... Hahaha

So basically I am doing/did this, under protest, because it's a requirement. I never do things by the book. Whats the fun in that? I can't help it me gotta being me and all. If thats not good enough for some, thats their problem. Not mine..... I really haz only 2f00kzgiven And they don't care about no stinking hunt...

So here is my submission. Not for anyone's approval. Because I don't need approval to be me.... I submit this because I CAN and WANTED to...

If need be this post can be deleted and I can REPOST it all at once. But thats just stupid..... Juz Sayin.... [neener]

It's just a Focus.
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WOOHOO, FINALLY! Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you MineTwine45's HUNNNT!

1. Rolling Shot -- Okay, this isn't technically a rolling shot, but it is just me pushing my car further into the garage. I know it looks cheesy, but hey, I was actually doing it so who cares.

2. Picture of me Next to Car -- Need I say more? Look at that sexy beast.

3. Park by a Body of Water -- I know it is a night shot, but Lake Erie is about 10-20 feet in front of the car. Those lights you see in the distance is our local coal docks. Huge cargo ships full of the stuff come and go in the summer. (The sign is rolled around the rear wiper)

4. Park Next to a Look Alike (Same Color/Body Style) -- Why have just one look alike? It's actually really interesting seeing an MK1 Foci next to an MK3 Foci... The differences is staggering! (I know there is no sign, I just gave up on that part)

5. Night Shot -- Pretty much explains itself.

6. DIY Mod -- Not very DIY, anybody can do it but still probably one of my favorite things I've done so far. All it is is a Spectre cone filter on the end of my MAF tube.

7. Formal Attire -- I had to raid my dad's tie box for this one...

8. Have PlastiDip Anywhere -- Anywhere? My car is practically made out of it!

9. Working on Your Car -- In this picture, I was checking my passenger side marker light to see if water was still getting through the seal. Then I gave the front end a once-over to see if anything was out of place. All without the car being jacked up.

10. Next to Skyline -- This is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken. In the background is Cedar Point, the roller coaster capital of the world. I wish it wasn't as nasty as it was the day I took the photo, but I still love it! Between my car and Cedar Point is about 2 miles of frozen lake.


While finding a look-alike, I just thought I'd post up a 100% genuine and non-outlandish look alike(s).


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missing a few ill find them tho

1: photo of me w/ car (should be #2, yolo)

2: car rolling at autox

3: body of water in AZ? HA! have some rain

4: before my car was modded, me next to an identical focus

5: night shot

6: DIY my whole car, here is one part. interior accents

7: Formal attire

8: look plastidip, been on the spoiler for awhile

9: working on car, the shirtless loser

10: skyline shot, this is all of tucson. my radio is in there. way darker at the top of a mtn than i expected... doh.

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1. NA I did get a shout out on the radio heard by two different friends (not me because I don't listen to pop music) for driving like a jackass on the freeway.
2. Yes here's me looking at my car as I high-lowed it . . .

3. Got this covered (yes that is a jet in the upper left) . . .

4. Polar Opposites

5.It's pretty . . .

6. stop whining, I did the grey plastidip, marauder style exhaust

7. NA for real . . .
8. first attempt at plastidipp badges

9. not quite the picture you were expecting . . .

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