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tach installed on an 05 with no tach adapter...thats right i did it!

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when i first got my focus i was told that it was impossible to run a tach in the focus without using a tach adapter. well i was also told that about the old focus in which i ran the green wire directly to the computer, which doesnt work in the newer foci. well....... i found a tach at oreillys that said it worked for COP, so i bought it and (with this tach at least) i ran the green wire to the negative side of one of the worked! so just if anyone wanted to know i thought i might post this up for those wonderin? cause for a while i was
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HonHon >> Thanks. These would be useful for circuit inputs. Tad pricey though.

oldunclestevo >> Yes it moves the tach needle around, but how have you verified its accurate?

Others: The question that you need to ask, and it might be a bear to find, is what kind of output does any particular tach adapter produce, and is it within spec for the tachometer you want to use. Autometer as an example has there tach adapter for use with there line of tachometers and other products. The device found by Mr.Zx3 may not work (well) with Autometer. its really a question of amplification and shaping of the output signal however derived. If the signal strength is weak, or the duty cycle is to short then the tach will not be accurate (prob read low) and vice versa. I have always found getting the specs for most 'widgets' to be the major source of heartburn, so be warned it may take some digging. [wiggle]
Sorry! don't mean to rain on the parade here. Gauges are simple, Accurate gauges take a bit more work (or cash depending).
yes it is accurate...well its just as accurate as the tach every focus has programmed into it with the tripmeter. (hold trip reset button, turn to KOEO, release trip then hit it a couple times till it reads the tach) but yea it was right with the digitach. the only time otherwise is when i bump the throttle and it just suddenly jumps the the actual rpm. but ill try to get pics up soon
the only time otherwise is when i bump the throttle and it just suddenly jumps the the actual rpm. but ill try to get pics up soon
Not sure I understand what your saying here. If you blip the throttle the tach jumps wildly? I think that is what your saying. [burnout]
where can i find these tachs at with cop?
are you guys talking about installing an aftermarket tach just because you don't like the stock one? or do you just not have a stock tach?
dont have a stock tach
that's unfortunate
The base model foci mostly came without a tach...(like mine)

Very lame.
i guess i must have something other than the base model and not even know it. unless they only started doing that recently. i have a 2004
I don't think the 2.3's were 'base model', as the zetec was still being offered...wasn't it?
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