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noticed there was only a sticky for decks, this one is for your total stereo. if it is still in project stages or not just post your pics. your trunk setup, door speakers, sound deadening, decks, absolutely everything. lets see what you all got.

heres mine

still working on it but heres the list for current setup, its all rockford but deck
pioneer deck but dont remember model number, great deck though best ive had.

no pics of current setup waiting on amp
amp t1500.1bd cp (out for warrenty channel died on me )
subs 2 t2 d4 12"
interstate rv deep cycle battery 700cca
10 farad digital rockford cap doesnt drop below 13v
doing big 3 soon hopefully just to cold right now
t1 6x8 door speakers all the way around
1/0 gauge for ground from hood to trunk
4gauge from battery in the trunk to cap and from cap to amp
8gauge speaker wire to subs
getting a line driver from rockford and a 400.4 aswell

my second newest setup
143.9db was my best here
1 t2 12 with a t1500bd cp
blew it and then warrantied. got a second t2 12

my third setup
1 t2 12" with a t300.2 amp
141.? was my best with this

also had 2 t1 10s with the t300.2 i had cant find picks of it right now but did a 140.1 with it

thanks for looking not lets see what you got
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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