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***This thread is for sharing knowledge of our car, the Ford Focus. If you discovered any information about our car that you think other users might find useful to know, please share! We can build a very powerful knowledge base here as a community. There are many parts in the engine I'm still trying to learn, if anyone's labeled everything that would be GOLD :) I'm already reading through the shop manuals and owner's handbook***

Dear all,

I'm a budding new car enthusiast and the forums have been an ocean of knowledge. I've been digging around the internet just trying to understand everything in my engine bay and it got me thinking; it would be nice to have a diagram with labels to everything in the engine bay including major components and flowpath. If anyone's already done this for the 2012-2014 Focus, I couldn't find it.

I think it would be useful to see flowpath of the engine coolant piping, oil, etc. What I had in mind was sort of like the images below, but with labels as to what each part was. I've slowly been figuring out and making sketches of my own for a personal manual, but there's still a lot of missing knowledge.

One of the things I was trying to figure out for months was the exact location of our oil filter test port. I plan on installing a gauge pod so it was necessary to find out where everything was. I think it may be 3/4'' thread, can't find where I wrote my note down when I called Ford. It's a Godsend that I found the image below where someone had labeled exactly what I was looking for (It took me two months to find an image like it!)

The most useful diagrams would be those like the 3D image below with the colored sections. That really shows individual fluid systems and the associated components, I think we should have more like that added to this forum.

I'm excited to see what happens with this, thanks for looking through!


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