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I bought my '17 Focus Titanium at the end of 2016, and the only extra option I wanted for it was navigation so that I didn't have to worry about tethering my phone via CarPlay to use navigation. This is the first car I've ever had with built-in navigation. And I do really like that convenience, but what I was not expecting was the nav map to be outdated right off the lot. I don't even know how outdated, I haven't found a way to check.

I also wasn't expecting to find no way to update the maps for years, I thought you could buy updated maps every year for $40 or whatever, like my brother did on his '14 Focus ST, not knowing they just wouldn't even offer updates for the SYNC 3 version for years on end.

But finally out of the blue I get a mailer about a navigation update, so I think great! FINALLY, updated maps. But then I go to the website and see this at the bottom:

"*Data points above represent the changes in the HERE Map Database between Q1 of 2017 and Q1 of 2018. Exact data may vary by product."

Am I reading that correctly? They're charging $109 for "updated" maps that are already at least two years out of date??? (and that's the "cheap" BYO flash drive option, they charge an extra $40 to have them mail it to you on a $3 flash drive).

I live in a busy suburban hellscape undergoing seemingly constant development with new/expanded/rerouted roads being added all the time. But it looks like if I buy this update my maps will still be two years old, which would still mean a lot of "driving in fields" as there are plenty of roads here that were added/rerouted/etc. between then and now.

Is this just how it is with integrated nav systems? Cause it really sucks. Google maps updates every month or so - and is free - but the navigation we paid hundreds of dollars for is just perpetually old, even after paying again to "update" it? I still really like it for glancing at for upcoming turns and such in areas I don't drive regularly, but if I actually want navigation then I'm always using CarPlay.
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