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Looking to see if anyone knows if these are symptoms of DMF failure. My car has 155k on it had the clutch TSP done around 40k and no check engine lights/etc. Can't get the clutch to slip if I put it in second and hold brake while I give it some gas while rolling.

Here's a list of strange crap my car likes to do.

1. When it starts there is a pretty good rattle for about 2-3 seconds (sounds like a metal timing chain flopping around when the tensioner is bad, closest comparison I can come up with and I know SVT has belt) Only happens on start-up not every time the clutch is pushed it

2. Car is really difficult to start rolling in first gear, almost impossible if the AC is on and on a hill. Car runs like a raped ape with no clutch slip once it gets rolling though

3. Sometimes when I start from first gear it gives a faint "whooo" sound almost like a brake drum dragging (i know discs all around just another comparison)

Last question. I have researched this quite a bit but still a little lost. Would like to change over to a single mass set up if I have to change it out but don't need anything with 300ft lbs of holding power. Any setups out there suited for stock torque that use a steel flywheel and not an aluminum that aren't $600+?
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