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Swapping Wheels-- is this safe?

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Hi everyone,

I have an 07 Focus SE with 105K miles. The tires are worn and need to be replaced.

My wife has a 2003 Saturn Ion with the same size rims/tires as my Focus.

We barely drive her car (since we commute to work together in the Focus), and the tires are in really good shape on her car and are maybe 3 years old. We might sell her car (the Saturn) soon or give it to my sister in-law.

We will also likely purchase a new car within the next few months and the Focus will barely get used. Thus, I really don't want to buy tires if it can be avoided since we are likely to get rid of the Saturn soon and put the Focus into secondary use in our household.

Question: Would it be safe to swap her tires/rims from her car onto mine, to avoid buying a new set of tires for my Focus? They appear to be the same size, same speed/load rating, etc. Her rims are steel with wheel covers, mine are alloy. I would use the steel rims off of her car in the meanwhile until we get rid of the Saturn, at that point I would get the good tires installed on my nice alloy rims.

Let me know your thoughts in regards to if this would be a safe, wise decision. Obviously if we give the Saturn to my sister in-law with bad tires she would have to replace them at that time. Thanks!
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Saturn to Focus came up yesterday in Brakes & Suspension, and the Saturn bolt pattern was mentioned at 4X100 by another member so it won't fit (don't know hub size, with the bolts off it doesn't matter).

Hadn't seen Saturn listed as one with matching fitment myself.

I'll move this to Wheels & Tires for more input.
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