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This first one is me racing a swap/turbo/nitrous Honda CRX. He's running 9lbs of boost. He had to spray when he hit third gear to stay ahead. This was my worst run of the night at 10.3

This next one is me racing a ZX3. I know he had intake and UDPs, possibly some other mods as well. This run was a 10.0 - you can hear me hit the limiter hard at the line seeing as I tried to trap in second. So much for that idea. Don't mind my friends commentary....he gets to drive a 400+fwhp SRT-4 everyday.

This last one is me racing my friend's 2005 VW GTI with CAI, downpipe, catback, springs, chip (tune + boost), among other things. He put down 193fwhp/234fwtq back in March.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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