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I recently bought an 03 SVTF. My car was showing symptoms very similar to others in the TSB thread when it comes to cold starts. It would hesitate or surge/buck while trying to accelerate. I figured the previous owners probably never had it taken of. The car was actually abandoned, so it probably sat ownerless for a while.

My car also had some light surging/bucking/hesitation at light throttle. Only ever noticed it while cruising at steady speeds (regardless of cold or hot), but it didn't happen all that often. It really wasn't a big problem.

So, I get the YRF0 reflash done. Now my car has a big problem. Once again, it's at very light throttle. It will completely lose power - not buck or surge, but lose ALL power. If you keep your foot steady on the throttle while it's doing this, about 2 seconds go by, and then BAM, it sort of violently goes again. Almost like if you revved it a bit and dumped the clutch.

I would have rather dealt with the car the way it ran before. WTF? Any thoughts?
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