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SVTF: Center Console & HIDs

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Purchased a pristine 2002 SVT with 29K miles.

Intro thread there:

Most important, I would like OEM HIDs Mach headlights. Finding out they are 600 each, is bit too much to swallow for me. For the pair at 600 shipped, I would do it. Are my only NIB options then...

Hella Dynabeam and Depot?

Fitment is very important to me, and so is PnP. If I get the Hella's how is the fit and finish, OEM? What else do I need for my non HID car? Are they still available? The thread I found was started in 2011.[dunno]

I know swapping HIDs into a BMW or MINI, you had to program the ECU for it. I am sure this won't be the case for the focus.

EDIT: After more searching, the Dynabeams are just projectors? Not true HIDs? Another model the Hella Celis model appears to be xenons?

Not a huge fan of the depots, experience from other platforms.

My other want, on a much lesser degree, is a center console.

After research, I found a center console I am interested in obtaining. the thread noted it as an 05? Does anyone have a part number and know if this is still available from Ford? What year range was this available?

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